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Blog Tour: Avoididng Amy Jackson by N.A. Alcorn


Avoiding Amy Jackson (The Infamous Series #2)

Meet Amy Jackson. An outspoken, raunchy, in-your-face, loudly inappropriate ER Nurse who makes a career out of indulging.
One-night stands have always been her thing.

Commitment and relationships are two words that are not in her vocabulary.

Amy doesn't have dreams of soul mates and white picket fences. She adamantly refuses to even consider the idea of getting married and starting a family. She’s also obstinate in allowing a certain physician to get on her good side…

James Williams. A cocky, smug, too-damn-good-looking orthopedic surgeon who has his sights set on the very feisty Amy Jackson. He is more than intrigued and ready to do whatever it takes…

“I want this woman. I’m the type of guy who will fight for what he wants until he gets it. I will take my time with Amy. I won’t rush her. I will continue to slowly slide myself into her life until she realizes that I belong there. And then…I won’t let her go.”

This is Book Two in The Infamous Series 


I lose myself in the music, lean my head back, and let the vibrations from the bass take over my movements. I feel strong hands grip my hips from behind and I automatically lean into the very masculine touch. This mystery man has some serious moves. He takes the lead and encourages my hips to move with the rhythm of his pelvis. Heat courses through my body and small beads of sweat drip down my back. Shivers roll down my spine when I feel the swipe of his tongue on the nape of my neck. My lashes sweep down involuntarily as my eyes close shut from his erotic move.

His tongue just lapped at my salty, sweat-glistened skin and I couldn’t be any more turned on than I am right now. I feel sexually sensitized and continue to shake my hips as I turn around to come face to face with my new dance partner. I need to see the man who has my body aroused like a live wire, ready to explode any minute.

My gaze slowly takes in his entire body as my eyes move upward to his face. The jeans, the chest, the strong jawlineall of itgive me a sense of familiarity. As my focus locks with an emerald gaze, an intoxicating scent assaults my nostrils. The aroma of peppermint, clean laundry, and cedar swim around my entire being, and I’m faced with the notion that I’m probably going to think about sex every time I pour detergent in my washer.

He is fixated on me. His intense, penetrating stare watches my every move.

Fucking Limp Dick.

My body tenses automatically in pure rage. I can’t believe he had the gall to come up behind me…pull my body into his chest…grind into me…and lick me! He fucking licked me!

My anger gets the best of me. I start to yank away from his grasp on my hips, but his hands reach around my lower back and pull me flush against him. My breasts press into his chiseled chest. His noticeable arousal pushes against my belly. God that feels good. He’s successfully thrown my equilibrium again and my pussy isn’t helping matters. She’s primping herself, preparing for a night of sex-crazed madness with James.

I really want sex-crazed madness with James.

No. You. Don’t.

Yes. I. Do!

His lips brush the sensitive spot behind my ear, and I feel his warm breath on my neck. A moan escapes my lips as I feel the flat of his tongue lick my collarbone. My nipples are now poking through my bra like they’re Punxsutawney Phil and it’s fucking Groundhog Day. Yes, I just compared my tits to a groundhog… Get over it. I’m grasping at straws here. This man doesn’t exactly have me in the most controlled state of mind.

“You. Taste. So. Fucking. Good.” His deep, masculine voice fills my head as he speaks directly into my ear. His teeth gently tug on my lobe, inciting another myriad sensations to course through my body. Sensations that have triggered me to become temporarily insane and forget all of things I promised myself I wouldn’t do. I hate that I’m so turned on by him, but I can’t stop. I can’t pull myself away from him. I’m intoxicated by his very presence.

We continue to dance, our faces mere inches from each other as we stare into each other’s eyes. His hands move up to my face as he grasps my cheeks. His eyes have my mind mesmerized. My entire being is entranced by him.

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About the Author

N.A. Alcorn is a wife, mother, labor and delivery nurse, writer, and blogger. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three-year-old son, Sid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, running, and having inappropriate conversations with her blog besties. She also has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite band is Incubus. Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind. 

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