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Blog Tour: Make Me Forget by Anna Brooks

Title: Make Me Forget
Author: Anna Brooks
Release Date: Nov 2, 2014
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One lie can destroy everything...
After enduring years of manipulation and an immeasurable amount of loss, Charlotte Kelly makes one last ditch effort to change her life and try to find happiness again. She knows she’ll see him when she moves back to Wisconsin. She’s planning on it, the connection she still feels to him after all these years is undeniable. But one lie tore them apart years ago, and she’s afraid some mistakes can’t be forgiven.
Travis Parker doesn’t like liars. When he was younger, lies burned him in a bad way. It only took one summer with Charlotte’s innocence to know that she was it for him. When he thought he finally had something to look forward to, one misguided lie shattered everything he believed. Now, Char’s back, but she’s not the same girl he once knew.

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“There are so many things I want to say to you. I can’t thank you enough for staying.”
“You don’t need to thank me. I take care of the people I love. It’s ingrained in me to be a protector, and I happen to love you very much, so my services are all yours.” He smiles again. “Everything I have is yours, my heart, my home. I know I’m not a millionaire or anything, but I promise you, absolutely nobody will ever love you as much as I do. There is no object, no monetary amount, that signifies my love for you. There are no limits on the hell I’d walk through to make sure you were happy.”

Meet the Author

Anna has always had a passion for writing, and is thrilled to have published her first novel. Along with several other projects, she is currently working on the next book in the It’s Kind Of Personal series. Born in Wisconsin, she’s lived in several Midwestern states. Anna enjoys reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with her husband and two boys.

Blog Tour: Protecting Alabama by Susan Stoker

Title: Protecting Alabama
Author: Susan Stoker
Release Date: Oct 17, 2014
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Alabama didn’t have a good start to life. Emotionally and physically abused by her mama, Alabama spent her high school years in foster care. People let her down, time after time, and she’d learned to rely on only herself. 
Christopher “Abe” Powers earned his nickname because he tolerated nothing less than absolute honesty from the people around him. Finding the bar scene stale and having watched his friend and teammate, Wolf, find the woman of his dreams, Abe was determined to find someone to share his life with too. 
Alabama and Abe had no idea their paths would cross and their prayers would be answered, but like most things in life, nothing is ever as easy as it seems at first. Two words would change both their lives and they’d have to fight hard for their happy ever after. 
**Protecting Alabama is the 2nd book in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series.

“I want to kiss you sweet. Will you let me?”
Alabama simply nodded. 
The hand at her cheek shifted to the back of her neck. He’d cupped her in a firm but strangely gentle grip and shifted closer to her. He’d rested his forehead against hers and just held her there for a moment. 
“I’ve been wanting to do this since you opened your door to me last week. You have no idea…”
Then he brought his other hand up to her face and cupped it. She was sandwiched between the hand at the back of her neck and the one on her face. She didn’t feel trapped, she felt protected. Christopher tilted her head just so and swooped in for his kiss. For some reason Alabama had thought he’d take it slow. Everything he’d done so far had been easy and gentle, but this kiss wasn’t either of those. 
It was a confident kiss, a kiss that demanded she open and let him in. And she did. Alabama didn’t hold back. Their lips met and immediately parted. She felt his tongue do an initial sweep of her mouth then retreat to tease and caress her lips before plunging back in. Alabama tried to keep up, swirling her tongue around his and at one point taking his tongue and sucking on it. She thought she’d feel awkward and uneasy, but she’d been so aroused she didn’t have time to be embarrassed or uneasy.
At that point Christopher took the hand that had been on her cheek and put it on her back and laid her down against the cushions of the couch. He kept his hand at her neck supporting her head as he eased her down. Alabama didn’t even notice…until she felt his hardness against her. He never stopped his sensual exploration of her mouth, but she could feel his strength over her. He wasn’t crushing her, in fact his body felt good pressing against hers. She could feel his length against her leg; he was hard, all over. 
Alabama breathed in through her nose and pressed her head back, breaking contact with his lips. Without missing a beat Christopher had leaned down and put his mouth against her neck, nipping and sucking lightly. Her breath came out in pants and she tried to get her brain to start working again. 
“Now that was a kiss,” she’d said breathlessly. She heard him chuckle against her throat before he moved up and nipped her earlobe. 
“You make me lose my mind, sweet.” 
One part of Alabama wanted to do nothing more than stand up and lead him to her small bed in the corner, but the other part of her was terrified. She’d trusted before and been let down. She didn’t think he’d break her trust, but she wasn’t certain yet. 
She’d brought her hands down from his back where she’d been clutching at him and put them on his chest. He’d immediately reared up so he could see her face. Of course that pushed his erection harder into her thigh, making her blush. He’d laughed and kissed her lightly on the nose. He sat them both up and brought her into his side. 
“Thank you Alabama, that was the best kiss I’ve ever had.”

From very early on Alabama Ford Smith has had it hard. Her mother, an alcoholic and drug user and abuser mistreated her to no end. When she finally got out of that environment she went into foster care and time after time people let her down. Now at 30 years old she's still invisible to the world until Christopher "Abe" Powers sees her.
Abe is a elite navy seal who would tolerate no lies from those around him. Watching his teammate and good friend fall in love and live a happy life has Abe looking for the same thing. And while he's been going out with someone, he know she's not the right woman for him.
Destiny and a blazing fire have Abe and Alabama's lives collide and their attraction is immediate. They're polar opposites, but in this instance opposites attracts and start a sweet and beautiful relationship. That is, until someone from Abe's past decides that they shouldn't be together and will do anything to separate these two.
This is the first book I read from Ms. Stoker and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. 
The first few pages were hard for me to read, they describe the abuse Alabama went through and I have a really soft spot for children so I don't even like to read that they're abuse. That said, Susan did an incredible job describing the situation the best she could, without providing too many gory details.
I liked the connection between Abe and Alabama and how patient he was with her, even though he didn't know much of her past, he was always understanding of her fears and hesitation.
I do have to say that there was a moment in the story, towards the end, that lost me for a bit. I understood Abe's reaction but for me it was too crass and not in tune with the sweet, loving character that I had come to really like throughout the book. 
Don't get me wrong, he redeems himself, but at the time it was a bit out of character.
This is a book that would have you enthralled from beginning to end, you'll be cheering for Alabama to finally be happy and be the person she was meant to be.
Can't wait to read the next book coming out in a month!

Protecting Caroline (#1) – Amazon | Amazon UK | Paperback
Protecting Fiona (#3) – Coming Dec 29 Amazon | Amazon UK
Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Texas where she lives but this all American girl has also spent the last fourteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, and Indiana. She is quite the romantic and even met the love of her life on "Hotmail classified" before online dating and sites like even existed!
Susan has been reading romance novels since middle school and once crossed out the names of the main characters in a book and changed them to her own and to the name of her crush. She's been writing scenes for years, developing her unique writing style.
Susan loves writing but her true passion is adopting dogs from rescue groups and shelters. Susan and her husband have had a total of nine "rescued" dogs since 2000 including a variety of basset hounds and bloodhounds. She has recently branched out and adopted a basset/terrier mix who acts more like a terrier than a basset (i.e. digging, eating a couch and being hyper).
If you enjoyed this book, or any book, please consider leaving a review.

Cover Reveal: Initiate Me by Elle Raven

Title: Initiate Me
Author: Elle Raven
Series: Barossa Series, Book 2
Release Date: December 27, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
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One dominant alpha male.
One innocent bewitching woman.
Equals one explosive attraction.

Mia Brunetti is far too busy with her studies to worry about having a man in her life. Growing up with three unruly and overprotective brothers has made her wary of men in general. That goes double if he's your brother’s best friend.

For years, Mia has worshipped Zane Mitchell and has avoided him and hidden her heart behind a wall. She has waited her entire life for Zane to see her as more than her brother's little sister. Now that she’s old enough to stake her claim on him, she’s pulling out all the sexual stops.

Zane has sworn off all women…until innocent Mia catches his attention. He is a devastatingly, masculine male who makes Mia's imagination go wild, but Zane has desires that would send innocent Mia running. The recently injured ex-cop is now working for the Brunetti family empire. As part of Mia's internship, Mia's brothers have placed her under Zane's wing. He is more than willing to take Mia up on her offer. The fun and games tie them both up in knots. Mia isn’t willing to settle for less than the whole package. But dominant Zane, even though the sexy country girl sets his blood ablaze, is determined to resist her efforts to protect his battered heart and her from his needs.

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Book Blitz: A League Of Her Own by Karen Rock


He was attractive, talented…and way off limits. 

Heather Gadway may have been a world-class college pitcher and a top university coach, but she's a rank amateur when it comes to managing the Falcons, her father's struggling minor league team. And when it comes to managing her aggravating attraction to Garrett Wolf, their talented new pitcher. It's going to be difficult enough to make it as the first female manager in the league and prove to her overly critical father she's worthy. No distractions. No missteps. And certainly no romances with players. Everything stands between them—including their troubled pasts—even as Heather's world falls apart and Garrett's the one who's there to catch her…


“What else do you want?” The question came from a part of her she didn’t recognize. Asking a man like Garrett a flirtatious question was playing with fire.

Garrett groaned, longing sharpening his features. “You.”

Without waiting for her response, his lips captured hers. She knew she should push him away, but instead her head fell back, her pulse leaping in her throat. The pressure was exquisite as he nibbled and explored. Soft. Warm. Gentle. His lips moved slowly, gradually exerting more pressure.

This felt incredible. Better than the last time. She had to stop this, but need seized her, shoving aside her good intentions.

Her body hummed and a fuzzy sensation filled her head, making it hard to focus on anything but the feel of him, the evergreen scent of the forest and his aftershave heightening her senses.

His hands gripped her waist as she swayed against him, holding her as his mouth sampled her lower lip, then put pressure on the top. Nerves sent small shock waves through her chest, and her hand rose to stroke the back of his neck, making him tremble against her.

Suddenly his kiss intensified, growing fierce and demanding. His lips moved fast against hers, their tongues tangling, causing warmth to explode in her body, melting every piece of her.

She moaned and Garrett’s arms tightened, bringing her closer still. Her lips maneuvered against his in response, loving his sweet taste. Garrett shuddered, curling his fist into her hair with a groan. She loved how her touch affected him, how it affected her.

At last his lips let her go, and he looked down at her tenderly, pleasure in his eyes, his chest rising and falling hard.

“I wasn’t getting involved with anyone. Planned to focus only on baseball,” he said when his breath came easier. “But I can’t stay away from you. You follow me, even in my sleep. Your eyes.” He kissed each lid. “Your smile.” He pressed his lips to each corner. “These freckles.” His warm mouth brushed her cheeks.

Her chest expanded, taking in his beautiful words. This incredible moment. And then it hit her, reality a cold shower.

She opened her eyes and scooted away. “Garrett. I don’t know.”

His eyes moved out over the falls, tracking the sprays of water as they hit the jutting rocks and tumbled to earth. “You don’t trust me.”

Her mouth opened and closed. He was right. While he touched a chord inside that’d never sounded for anyone else, she still couldn’t put her heart in harm’s way again. And she knew without a doubt that if Garrett let her down, he’d devastate her as much as her mother had. Even more. She’d loved and lost too many times to try again, especially with her father gone so recently.

“I’m sorry,” she said inadequately as he stood and helped her to her feet.

His blank expression gave little away. She wondered if, deep down, a part of him was relieved they weren’t taking things further. He’d said he hadn’t wanted distractions. And now she wouldn’t be one.

“I can’t make you believe in me, Heather.” His voice was steady and strong. “I need someone who’ll give me a chance to earn her trust.”

Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time author.  With her co-author, Joanne Rock, she’s penned the CAMP BOYFRIEND series with Spencer Hill Press under the pseudonym J.K. Rock. She also writes contemporary romance for Harlequin Enterprises. Her wholesome romance, Heartwarming novels have won the 2014 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the 2014 Golden Quill Contest. When she's not writing, Karen loves scouring estate sales for vintage books, cooking her grandmother's family recipes and hiking. She lives in the Adirondack Mountain region with her husband, daughter, and two Cavalier King cocker spaniels who have yet to understand the concept of "fetch" though they know a lot about love. To find out about her upcoming releases, appearance and latest news, visit or follow her on Facebook at or Twitter at!
She’d love to connect with you!


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Highlight and Review: Laces and Lace by Toni Aleo

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Nine years ago, things were perfect. Lacey and Karson had found their happily ever after in each other…or so they thought. How do two people who were meant to be move on from that once-in-a-lifetime love?

Lacey has a strength inside her that comes alive with the things she’s most passionate about. She’s a fighter, a survivor, and has everything she’s ever wanted but the one thing that matters most—love.

Karson is doing the one thing he loves most—playing hockey for the Assassins, yet he knows regret. He knows his life has been missing the one thing he walked away from so many years ago—Lacey.

Nine years later, and neither has been able to succeed in moving on from what was, what could have been, and who each of their hearts still beats for. When a chance encounter during a fateful night has their paths crossing again, will the tether still attaching their souls allow them to face the past, present, and a possible future?

Can two people with fate on their side find a way back to each other? Overcome all the obstacles in their way to finally live life together to the fullest?

Or will they let those around them and the circumstances they face, along with questions and doubt, ruin a second chance at the life they both deserve?

Laces and Lace includes the prequel Tangled in the Laces, a dollar of your purchase will be donated to the Nashville Predators Foundation.





"I feel that Laces & Lace was one of the best books in the series, not only because it revolved around heavy matter, but also because it drug you through emotional turmoil and struggles and it wasn’t happy go lucky easy." ~ Amazon Reviewer: Kris

"Laces and Lace is a story of survival, bravery, and endearing love. A story of when two people collide and life without the other is miserable. After I read the prequel to Laces and Lace I was dying to read the full novel. This story touched my heart and I urge you to go get your copy!" ~ Brittany @ Spare Time Book Blog

"This is such a great read, with more steam than most of Toni's books! And so many laugh out loud moments, seriously - JT needs his own book, and it needs to be amazingly hilarious because I couldn't stop laughing! Overall? Laces and Lace was well worth the wait!!" ~ For Love and Books "Jac"

Karson and Lacey met nine years ago, they fell in love hard and thought nothing or no one would be able to keep them apart. But Karson let Lacey's dad interfere and years later he's living with the regret and what if's. 
Karson King a successful hockey player, a good son, a good brother, and a good friend, he has the world in the palm of his had...but not the woman he's been loving for nine long years.
Lacey is a breast cancer survivor, strong as nails, a woman with her own business and a life she loves. She has everything she's ever wanted, except love...and Karson.
A chance encounter, and passion that the years haven't been able to placate, bring these two soulmates together once again.
Will they be able to make this relationship work this time around?
Will they be able to fight those going against them and live the life destiny owns them?
After LOVING Tangled in the Laces, bawling my eyes out and waiting for Laces and Lace, I can honestly say that Toni didn't disappoint.
She gave me the love and sexy times that I so much love about her books, but also gave me the drama that every story needs, mixed with a bit of humor courtesy of the one and only, JT, Karson's roommate. 
Mrs. Aleo's books are character and story driven. She will take you on a journey with her characters that will have you reliving their stories days after you're done reading and this book is not the exception.
Even though Lacey showed her insecurities at one point or another, I loved her character. Her courage and her desire to live her life the best she could after surviving breast cancer at such a young age was awe inspiring. It takes a very strong soul to go through all that and come through strong and with the spirit of a fighter. 
I loved Karson, it's true that he was going through life as a somewhat womanizer but sometimes we have to do certain things to survive and try to forget that not always we agree with 100%.
As much as I love some of the characters I HATED others, Nate, Lacey's dad for example. How can you say you love your daughter so much but yet destroy her dreams and shatter her heart? And Rachel??? Seriously girl? I wanted to smack you so hard, you can thank your lucky stars that I wasn't Lacey.
Definitely one book that comes to fit perfectly in the Assassins series. 
Please note that the ebook includes both Tangled in the Laces and Laces and Lace and Toni is donating $1 from the sale of each book to the Nashville Predators Foundation for Pediatric Cancer research. A great book supporting and even greater cause!

Other books in the series...

Toni Aleo is the author of the Nasvhille Assassins series: Taking ShotsTrying to ScoreEmpty Net, Falling for the Backup, and Blue Lines.
When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel.
She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog. Read more about Toni here.

Website † Facebook † Twitter † GoodReads 

Spotlight and Review: Destination Wedding by Rebecca York

Destination Wedding
by Rebecca York
Series: Decorah Security
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 7, 2014

After a billionaire’s daughter, Camille Norland, is kidnapped by a Russian mobster bent on matrimony, Decorah Security agent Nick Cassidy is her best hope of rescue.  Nick’s never admitted his feelings for Camille. Now he’s desperate to save her before the wedding night. But can they escape from Victor Zanov’s heavily fortified island paradise?

“This is our chance for freedom. Nick Cassidy’s not on duty today.”

Camille Norland spun toward her younger sister, Eden, noting the hopeful look in her blue eyes. She was talking about one of the bodyguards their father had hired to keep the family safe. He’d been on the estate for six months—the worst six months of Camille’s twenty-five years.

The guy was brutally handsome with a hard body that would send any woman’s blood pressure shooting up. His lips looked hard, but she suspected that they would soften when they came down on hers. I mean, if you were going to pick a man for a romantic fling, he was it. She couldn't help being attracted to him. And she knew for sure it was mutual, because of the way his gaze would flick quickly away when she caught him looking at her.

But working for Samuel Norland apparently meant that he wouldn't get involved with Camille. It also meant he was an unbending son of a bitch. A stickler for procedure. If he thought it wasn't safe to do something, you didn't get to do it. You didn't get to go swimming in the ocean. Or go into town for shopping or to a restaurant for lunch. You stayed on the Norland estate where you were bored out of your skull.

“Dad’s birthday is coming up next month,” Eden said, curling a strand of blond hair around her finger the way she did when she was trying to get her way. “I want to buy him something he’ll really like.”

Camille countered with a practical suggestion. “We can shop the Internet.”

Eden gave her a pained look. “If you want to be a good little duby and stay home looking at a computer screen, be my guest. But I’m going to a real mall with real merchandise. Bobby will take me.”

Camille sighed. Maybe the best thing to do was go along to keep her little sister from doing anything too outrageous.

Or really, what she should do was call Nick Cassidy.

Bobby Cunningham, blond, surfer cute, and eager to please, was new on the job, and Nick would tell him to keep them home. But then Eden would call Camille a squealer and give her the ice-cold treatment for weeks, which would make life even more unbearable.

Eden had already grabbed her purse. “We’ll be back before anybody knows.” For good measure, she added, “What’s the point of having gonzo bucks if you can’t have any fun?”

Camille nodded, thinking the lack of fun part was more true for her little sister than it was for herself. Eden had been born with a heart defect that had been repaired. But she’d never been in robust health, and Dad kept her protected like a piece of fine china wrapped in layers of tissue.

Plus, when Camille had been little, things had been more normal. She’d gone to some good private schools, then spent four glorious years away from home at Florida State, living the life of a regular college student. Well almost regular, until Mom had died, kicking dad into over protective mode.

Eden interrupted her thoughts. “I want to stop at that new jewelry store and look at gold chains. One of those thick ones would look great on Dad.”

 “And he’d probably like one of the books on the New York Times nonfiction list,” Camille added, thinking he’d prefer reading material to jewelry, but there was no harm in getting both.

Still she felt a twinge of guilt as they climbed into the back of the Lincoln Town Car and headed for the iron gates that closed off the Norland estate from the rest of Longboat Key. Turning right, they headed for the mall.

“Relax,” Eden said as she reached into the refrigerator at the side of the passenger compartment and pulled out a Coke.

Camille crossed her long legs and leaned back in the plush leather seat, taking in her sister’s impish face, hoping they could keep the trip short.

Looking toward the front of the car, she saw Bobby dividing his attention between the road ahead and the rearview mirror.

“Anything wrong?”

“No,” he answered. “Just being cautious.”

She couldn't help thinking about Nick again. If you were going to leave the estate, he’d be better protection than Bobby. Only, with Nick, they wouldn't be here at all.

The mall parking lot was crowded, and Bobby wouldn't drop them off at the door. Instead he drove up and down the rows and finally found a space half a block from the entrance.

A few seconds after they got out, a van pulled up in the lane behind them. Then another one materialized in front, blocking them in.

Bobby drew his gun and spun around, as four tough-looking guys converged on them. One slammed him to the ground.

Another shoved Eden aside. And a third reached for Camille. Before she had time to scream, something cold and wet came down over her face, and her vision instantly went wonky. As she slipped to the blacktop, two of the men grabbed her and dragged her away.


Nick Cassidy got the emergency call when he was already on his way back to the Norland estate. He’d had the day off, and he’d thought he’d relax at a shooting range.

After an hour of practice with his Sig, where he’d topped his previous score, he’d gone to lunch at a little deli overlooking one of Florida’s million lakes. As he ate a pastrami sandwich on the shaded patio, he thought about asking Frank Decorah for a change of assignment.

The Norland job would have been a good one—if he and Camille hadn't set off sexual sparks when they were together, an unfortunate situation when you had to keep your emotions under control. And then there was the other daughter—Eden. She and Camille looked a lot alike, but the only thing he felt for her was annoyance that she was constantly bending rules and testing limits.

When his phone rang, he pressed the talk button on the steering wheel.

“Thank Christ I got you.”

“What?” Nick demanded, instantly on the alert.

“Camille is missing.”

“From the estate?”

Nick could hear Bobby gulp. “No. Eden asked me to take them shopping—to the mall.”

“You’re still there?”

“Yeah, with Eden.”

Nick wanted to order them home, but he needed Bobby to show him where the attack had happened.

“If you haven’t gotten her into the freaking car and locked the doors, do it,” Nick bit out as he pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall and made a U- turn. He didn't waste the energy telling Bobby what a stupid shit he’d been. He simply sped toward the shopping center, asking for details as he drove.

“Do we call the cops?” Bobby asked.

“According to our instructions, that’s up to Norland,” Nick answered.


Camille drifted in a comforting dream. She clung to it because she instinctively knew that if she allowed herself to wake, she wouldn't be able to cope with her current reality.

Sinking deeper into sleep, she snuggled more tightly into a man’s powerful arms and knew that it was Nick Cassidy holding her. She didn't open her eyes and look at him, but she caught the familiar citrus scent of his aftershave and felt the well-toned muscles of his hard body.

“Finally,” she whispered. “You finally came to me. What changed your mind?”

“I had to,” he answered in a thick voice.

She snuggled closer, pleased by the desperation she heard.

“We both know this is wrong,” he said. “I work for your father. I can’t be intimate with his daughter.”

The rough way he said the word “intimate” sent a hot chill skittering over her skin.

“If you weren't working for my father, we never would have met—and been attracted to each other.”

He made a sound of acknowledgment deep in his chest, a sound she took for surrender.

“It’s okay. You know it’s what we both want.”

She cupped her hands around the back of his head, bringing his lips to hers, wordlessly telling him that they belonged together. The brush of her mouth against his was like the completion of an electric circuit, the power flowing from him to her as he took command, his mouth ravaging hers in an act of pure passion. She opened for him, welcoming the invasion of his tongue, the touch of his hands as they stroked and caressed her. Finally, after all these months of circling each other like dancers in a stylized ritual, he was going to make love with her.

She rolled to her back, giving him access to her body, waiting for one of his hands to claim her breasts and the other to slide downward into the hot core of her. For a charged moment, he hovered over her.

Then to her utter disappointment, he pulled away. When she reached for him, she grabbed only cool air, and she knew he had never really been there at all.

She wanted to sob out his name, but she understood that calling to him in this place would be dangerous.

This is a short novella that you'll be able to read in one sitting.
Camille Norland and Nick Cassidy have been lusting after each other for a while now, but because he's on of her father's bodyguards things haven't progressed. 
When Camille is kidnapped by a Russian Mobster, a business acquaintance of her father, is up to Nick and the security company he works for to locate Camille and bring her back to safety.
But with a wedding already on the works and time running out will Nick be able to rescue Camille, bring her back to safety and come clean with his feelings for her?
Perhaps because this was the first book I read of this series I found that the relationship between Camille and Nick went a bit too fast and missed some chemistry.
This is a fun short story with a touch of paranormal. The characters as well as the storyline are interesting enough that will have the reader engrossed, and trying to figure out what will happen next.
This is book seven of the series but I didn't have any problem reading it as a standalone.

Included in the Ten Brides for Ten Heroes anthology, which is no longer available, Destination Wedding is being released for the first time as its own.

"A New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly best-selling and award-winning author, Rebecca has written over 145 books and novellas. In 2011 she became the dozenth author to receive the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award for having written 100 romantic novels. Her Killing Moon was a launch title for Berkley’s Sensation imprint in June 2003. Five more books in the series have followed.

Rebecca has authored or co-authored over 65 romantic thrillers, many for Harlequin Intrigue’s very popular 43 Light Street series, set in Baltimore, and many with paranormal elements.

Her many awards include two Rita finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times: for Series Romantic Suspense and for Series Romantic Mystery. And her Peregrine Connection series won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense Series."