Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Release Blitz #review: Drawn Deeper by Brenda Rothert

I’ve come undone. For years I thought the world looked at my family and saw perfection. I was a busy surgeon and my wife was devoted to our two boys. But her devotion crumbled as her alcoholism took over. The outside world saw all too well what I wanted to deny.

Ten months ago she filed for divorce, packed up and moved away. To where – I don’t know. Nor do I care. But my boys do. And they’re left with me, a man who never learned how to be the dad they deserve.

Just when I’m starting to pick up the pieces, my world is rocked again by the last woman I’d expect. Given her past with my family, she’s a bad idea. But I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. I can’t stay away, even though I know this, too, will eventually crumble around me.
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I can not tell you all how much I LOVED this book.

Kyle went through a bitter divorce from a woman that cared more about what was in a bottle than the treasures she had under her roof. By all accounts he should be bitter and resentful, but he's not, he has two beautiful boys that are his life and a good career he loves.
Meredith made a mistake a few years ago and that mistake became her scarlet letter. Kyle and her shouldn't be perfect for each other but life was about to show them that they were destined to be each other's saviors.

This is a story about two mature adults who know what they want and go after it, two people who after failed relationships are re-discovering themselves and what works for them in the confines of a relationship. It's a joy to see each of them bloom into the person they were supposed to be all along. The chemistry between Kyle and Meredith is not only sexy and so very sensual, but it is also loving and caring, the way a relationship with the perfect partner should be.

This story is flawless, is a beautiful dance between two souls who come together at a time when all was lost. The author did a fantastic job giving the reader a story full of heart and soul, showing that we are all worthy of a second chance. This author's stories keep getting better and better and Drawn Deeper is a prime example of that.

And please don't forget... #KyleIsMine ;-)

Note: This is the third book on this series and all books can read as a standalone. I do recommend that you read the first two so you're familiar with some of the characters.
About the Author
Brenda Rothert is the author of eleven Contemporary Romance novels. You can learn more about her books at her website, www.brendarothert.com, which features teasers, excerpts and trailers for her books. 

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