Friday, February 14, 2014

Title: A Moment in Paris
Author: Danielle Wright
Genre: Romanice/Erotica
Publication Date: January 2014

Tenley Clarkson has dreamed of being in Paris her whole life. Experiencing all of the sights and culture the city has to offer, the last thing Tenley expects is to find herself enchanted by the emerald green eyes of Jayden Matthews.

Tenley is cautious about trusting anyone. After being betrayed by her mother and her ex-boyfriend, her defenses are up, or at least she thought they were. But Jayden breaks through her walls, making her feel safe and protected. He has the power to consume her - mind and body.

Jayden Matthews knew it the second he saw her. Tenley Clarkson belonged in his life; this beautiful woman who is hiding a world of pain and fear in her eyes. He feels the need to protect her, to make her happy. The smile on her face and the soft sound of her voice exhilarated him and calmed him all at once. He had never felt more alive.

As they explore Paris together, Jayden takes Tenley to places she'd only dreamed of. Gives her moments she couldn't imagine. A single moment of intense connection unfolds into love.

It was only one moment. But that's all it takes. As tragedy strikes and threatens to tear them apart, can Tenley learn to trust and love? Can Jayden prove that he will fight for her? Or will he betray her like she has been her whole life?

One moment is all it takes to change your life, to meet someone, to fall in love. One Moment is all it takes, to shatter your world completely, taking away everything you never knew you needed....

This is a very romantic book, and today is the perfect day to read it.
Tenley Clarkson's dream has always been to go to Paris, after her relationship with her ex ends she decides to make her dream a reality and embarks in an adventure with her best friend, Lacey.
The first night there while sitting at a café taking in the beauty of the city she meets Jayden Matthews and that's when her real adventure in Paris begins.
Jayden Matthews is in Paris with his best friend.  Him and Brandon, his friend, work construction and Brandon takes care of his elderly grandmother in his free time. But Jayden's real passion is to study the architecture and historic sites of the city of lights. The moment he meets Tenley at that café Jayden knows this is love at first sight and this is it for him, little by little he starts to penetrate the walls that Tenley has built around her heart in order to protect herself from pain and disappointment. 
I LOVED Jayden, he's sweet, caring and an overall great guy. Tenley is a romantic at heart, she's a sweet girl but at times she comes across as immature. The two secondary characters, Lacey and Brandon are the perfect balance for Tenley and Jayden and they have their own little love story going on. The book has great descriptions of different sites in the city that might work or not for you, depending how much detail you like when you read a book.
Overall this is a pretty good book and a good start of her writing career for Danielle. Please note that this is only the first book of this series and it leaves you with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Danielle Wright was born in California, but raised in Colorado where she currently resides. She has one younger brother and is close to her family. She loves to read, and has had that passion from a very young age, love stories always being her favorite. She has always loved telling stories and often found herself making up her own stories to tell. Danielle loves the idea that a story, even for just a little while, takes the reader away from everyday life and puts them in a world that they could only dream of. She truly believes that a good book will stay with you and even has the power to change your life. Once she decided to no longer let fear get in her way, Danielle began to bring her dream worlds to life, first as an escape for herself and then, hoping that someday, someone, somewhere, will find their escape in her world.

Danielle values her family and friends above anything else. When she is not reading or writing you can find her hanging out with her family, watching football, The Voice, Greys Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy or going to the movies or concerts with friends. She is a huge country music fan, although her favorite band is Maroon 5 and she has a major crush on Adam Levine. She loves anything Disney, and still believes in magic, fairy tales and true love. She wants her readers to remember to smile, nothing horrible lasts forever. Also, that every moment is important because you never know which moment is going to change your life.

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