Monday, February 17, 2014

***LIVE*** Quickies by Shayne McClendon


In a pinch, a little goes a long way...

In response to reader requests, I’ve compiled a collection of my short stories which include sneak peeks of several upcoming novels. I even tossed a couple of erotic poems in there (I’m not a poet so read at your own risk).

There are more than two dozen selections to choose from ranging from very short to full novella, vanilla sweet to extra dirty. Stories you love and a few you’ve never seen. I deliver them in bite-size portions so you can snatch a mini good time between projects at work, while cooking dinner, or out running errands (arrive alive - don’t smut and drive).

I present you with Quickies – where you’ll find a little bit of heartache, some struggle here and there, a cheater or two, a spank or ten, and lots of “happy endings” (you can translate that however you wish).

Get it now, gobble it up, and I hope you love it!

Another hot, emotional read by Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.

NOTE: This story contains explicit sexual scenes and language and is intended for mature audiences only. Do not read this novel if intense sexual situations offend you.

What you'll find inside:

Act One: Stage Fright - sneak peek of "Backstage"
After the Fantasy - micro story
All We’d Ever Need - complete novella from "A Little Bit Country"
Clean - micro story
Coming Home - excerpt from "Damaged"
Command - sneak peek of "The Playground"
Curb Appeal - bookmark short story
Date Night - short story
Eating the Cake - sneak peek of "Eating the Cake"
Extra Quiet: Caroline - sneak peek of "Just a Little Extra"
Gravity: JoEllen - excerpt from "Gravity"
Her - erotic poem
Job Well Done - short story
Loves Me, Hates Me - survival erotica poem
Lunch Break - bonus story for "The Barter System"
Morning Commute - micro story
No Doubts - short story
Penance - micro story
Stimulation - micro story
Sweet Little Kitten - short story
The Three-Pointer - sneak peek of "Love of the Game Boxed Set"
The Trouble with Assumptions - bookmark story
Tomorrow - bookmark story
Unpretty - bonus story for "Hudson"
Vegas - micro story
Watching - erotic poem
Yes to Everything: Brooke - excerpt from "Yes to Everything"

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