Thursday, February 20, 2014

Highlight of the Day: Falling Spear


Running away from my problems seems like the best way to deal with them. That's how it all started out anyway, by me running away from the embarrassment and hurt my ex-boyfriend caused me. I began a new life in Austin, Texas where I work and made a few friends. It's been a year now and it clicked I haven't really lived yet. I'm missing something and I hope to find it in Ben. Apart from being utterly perfect in looks he is romantic and sweet to me. What more could a girl ask for, right? Boy, was I wrong...
Twenty-four year old Mia is nestled in her habits going from home to work and back in a routine. An occasional outing with friends is all the excitement she sets herself. Her encounter with a persistent guy named Ben, opens her eyes that she needs to take a chance again at love. Sometimes you need to look again to find out what the heart wants. On a night out, Mia steals a chance with a blue-eyed stranger that will give her all she needs and more. 


I was looking for a good book to get me out of a funk and I definitely found it.
Mia decided to move a way from her family and the life she knew because of the humiliation and the heartbreak her last relationship brought to her life. She moves to Austin, TX, starts a new job, meets new people, and little by little starts enjoying life. When it comes to relationships and men she still not ready to open up completely. She meets Ben at a bar and decides to give herself a chance and see how things develop. Ben is ok and Mia admits he's an attractive guy, but she's not attracted to him and continuously tells him that she wants to take things slow but he doesn't get the hint.

Caleb is a successful business man who has the world and the ladies at his feet. From the outside he seems to have everything but in reality he's a lonely man who goes day in and day out fulfilled by only his business. On his way to work he's encountered a young woman singing and dancing in her car, he feels an attraction for her but feels a little silly acting on it.
When Caleb finally meets Mia at one of his nightclubs sparks flight and he feels the need to have her if only for one night.

I truly loved this story. It flows nicely from the beginning and I feel like the author provides enough information for the reader to understand where Mia and Caleb are coming from as well as the passion that develops between them. When it comes to Ben, I had a feeling from the beginning that there was more about him that he was letting everyone see. I saw him as a little shady and I had a hard time relating to him. I love Caleb, the man is sex on legs and alpha male through and through but tender and sweet enough that doesn't feel like he's overwhelming.
The ending has a little bit of a cliffhanger and I can't wait to get my hands on that second book. I highly recommend this book.

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