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Release Blitz #giveaway: Tattered On My Sleeve

Title: Tattered on My Sleeve
Series: Lost Kings MC #4
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
 Release Date: July 28, 2015

*Although this is the fourth book in the Lost Kings MC series, Wrath and Trinity’s story can be read first.


Trinity Hurst.

That girl fucking owned me the minute I laid eyes on her. At twenty-one years old she already had a cold, calculating wall around her. The walls she built up around herself were designed to keep guys like me away. Underneath her tough girl exterior lay something sweet and vulnerable that I very much wanted to explore.

I had her first.

I fell in love with her.

Then we fucked everything up.


His name should have been lust. Pure, soul-shattering lust was the deadly sin I felt when I looked up—way up—into his ocean blue eyes. I should despise bikers. I should most definitely steer clear of this one, with his thick, muscled arms, and low sensual voice. My normally impeccable self-preservation instinct vanished the minute he walked in the door. Like everything else in my life, I fucked it up. And he’s never going to forgive me.

Old Habits Die Hard.

Wrath and Trinity met when the Lost Kings MC was on shaky ground. After three perfect nights together, Wrath knew she was it for him. But Trinty’s dark past was about to catch up to her and the Lost Kings MC was her only hope for protection. One misunderstanding led to a chain of mistakes that pushed them apart for years. When long-buried secrets are finally revealed, Wrath will stop at nothing to break their bad habits and make Trinity understand—she belongs to him.

Author’s note: There is no actual cheating in Tattered on My Sleeve.

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Wrath and Trinity are in the house, and this book is gonna keep you on the edge of the seats, encouraging them to get their issues resolved, and finally reach out for the dream they have been wanting for so long.
You may find yourself teary eyed over some of the scenes written, just like I did.
Wrath is the enforcer of the MC and is hardcore biker, not afraid of anything and willing to take on even the baddest man around. He will die protecting his club if necessary, and proves this multiple times as he stands toe to toe with several enemies, even getting involved into underground fighting. Nothing fazes him, nothing at all. Excerpt for Trinity. 
That girl has had him in knots for years, but he blew his chances eight years ago. He knows that their time has passed but that doesn't stop him from wanting to have her as his own, to protect her, love her. He knows that he did her wrong, but he finally decides he has to just go for it and hope for the best.
Trinity is a great girl who has cared for Wrath for eight long years, but everyone knows that a club whore can't be an old lady, so she goes on with her life and keeps Wrath in it as the only way she knows, a friend that she longs to have more with.
These two both have major life issues from their younger years that are finally brought to light, helping the reader understand the hell Trinity went through. I was devastated, I had to stop reading and gather my thoughts to be able to keep going, as I could only imagine how hard she had it as a child. And Wrath, bless his heart suffered as well, even though he couldn't have controlled what happened, he carried that burden for years.
The ups and downs of this relationship started from the moment they met until the very end.  The story is exceptionally well written and I was totally engrossed, cheering for these two one minute, then screaming at them  the next. At times it seemed like for every step they took forward they would be knocked back two, and it was at those times I would yell at my reader saying, just stop it, stop fighting, come on, STOP IT.
If you have been anxiously awaiting the book of these two hard won lovers, then I can guarantee you you won't be disappointed. As much as I loved the previous books, this one is my fave just because I love Wrath so much, and I always knew he had a teddy bear side, I just never dreamed I would get to see it.
Autumn darlin' you are so great at what you do, I feel privileged beyond words to be allowed to  received the ARC of this book, and I would be honored for the opportunity to do this again anytime.
5 gazillion stars to you darlin'
*** Review by Tammy ***

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