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The Limbo Series 
Author: Andrea Smith 

Book 1
   Silent Whisper 

Parrish Locke is 27 years old, a successful model with a gorgeous boyfriend, and a loft in Manhattan. Little does she know that during a photo shoot in Chester, West Virginia, an unfortunate car accident will change her life . . . forever. Parrish discovers she's gifted in a very special way, and thus begins a suspense-filled journey that unravels secrets and mysteries from the past. Once her journey ends, it is just the beginning for Parrish, because only she holds the key that will bridge the past to the present, and allow wrongs to be righted from beyond. From mafia capos, to steamy romance, to solving the unsolved, her journey is one that provides the blueprint for her future--one she never imagined possible.

"Baby," he said softly, "My life is what it is. I grew up knowing what I was and what I would always be, the same as my father, and his father before him in Sicily. It's not a career choice; it's simply a way of life that I was born into. But I can promise you that I will never allow you to become part of it. I will make sure that you are never at risk, and that you have no reason to be concerned about your safety or culpability in anything. Do you understand?"
His dark brown eyes were studying me, wanting to make sure that I knew he was my protector in all of this.
I swallowed nervously under his perusal, and nodded.
And that night, Dominic loved me with a passion that had been absent before, though I never would've guessed that he had been holding anything back. It was different that night. Haunting yet exciting at the same time and it felt dangerous.
It might've been because of our earlier mutual declaration of love; or it might've been because I now knew the extent of this man's power, along with his promise to be my protector. So let's face it, his power, along with his passion for me was a potent aphrodisiac for this girl from Chester, West Virginia.
But it also might've been because Dominic didn't permit me to put my diaphragm in before we hit the sheets that night.
"No Karlie," he said, pulling me gently back to him as I started for the bathroom to do what I always did before sex. His fingers tilted my chin, forcing me to gaze into his dark eyes.
"Not tonight. Not anymore."
And I didn't argue because it would've been pointless. Dominic had made up his mind as to what he wanted, and it was something that apparently he wanted from me.
A child.
He had never gone into detail as to the specifics, but I'd gotten the impression that having children was important to Dominic. He had never elaborated as to why they had no children, and I didn't think it was my place to ask.
After that night, I knew it was a conversation that we needed to have. Bringing Dominic Castellano's child into this world was something I wasn't sure that I could ever do. 
And it had nothing to do with the fact that he was married. It was because having his child meant that he or she would be born into the same life that he had been born into, and his ancestors before him.
While I loved this man, I couldn't fathom allowing a child of mine to follow in those kinds of footsteps, and I wasn't all that sure that I'd have a choice in the matter.

  The wonderful thing about a good book, is not only that it gives the reader an escape from his/her reality, but that it stays with them for days to come. For me this was one of those books.

After a car accident Parrish Locke's life takes an unexpected turn. She discovers that she has a special gift, a gift which could help others communicate an I love you, an apology or simply find the closure they needed. I can't really say much about the story without giving away the plot, what I can say for sure is that this was a unique, brilliantly told story.

From the very beginning this is a story that will catch your attention and will have you glued to it page after page. I always admired Andrea's ability to research her facts, and this book is not the exception, in my opinion it enhances credibility to the story. The characters are very believable and well developed, they will give the reader a array of emotions, going from incredible sadness to pity to anger to indescribable love. I was so touched and sad at a certain point during the story that I had tears running down my cheeks.

While I understand that for some people this is an unbelievable story, it's something that I believe wholeheartedly, and it gives me hope, making wish it was me experiencing something like this.

If you're afraid about the paranormal aspects of the book, don't be, those aspects are the ones that enhance an all ready beautiful tale.

Good news is that this is only the first book in this series, I can't wait to see what else Andrea has in storage for us.

Highly recommended!!!!


 Book 2
 Clouds In My Coffee 

When Parrish Locke, a 27 year-old fashion model, discovers she has a gift, she wishes it was the type that could be returned. That's not the case. You see, under the right circumstances, Parrish can help "stalled souls" pass beyond the pearly gates. That's right - she can communicate with their spirits. Well actually, she can do more than that, she can re-live the circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths, and as a result, right some wrongs along the way. Clouds In My Coffee finds Parrish back in the 1970's, in a small Wyoming town where a high school cheerleader died as a result of a car accident one snowy night. But Parrish knows that isn't what really happened. After forty years, how will she convince authorities there is more to the story? Enter Marco Trevani, Jr., a handsome, somewhat arrogant FBI agent that Parrish's father calls in to assist his gifted daughter. The chemistry between them is undeniable. But there's another surprise in store for Parrish. One relationship fizzles, while another one sizzles!

I need to play it cool. I don't want Marco to know just how shattered Ryan left me, but what's even more important is that I don't want him to see how affected I am by him. This attraction, whatever its origin, confuses me. But there's no ignoring it.
I am affected by this man.
"I try not to think about it. This helps."
"What helps?"
"The distraction."
He nods, lifting his glass to take a swallow of his drink. "Ah yes, solving Cece's murder and bringing the perp to justice. I can see how that might serve to take your mind off other things."
"No," I reply, looking at him squarely. I'm done with mincing words here. "I meant the distraction of you."
He stops swallowing, lowers his glass and peers at me; and at that moment his amber eyes flash . . . something. I'm pretty damn sure it's lascivious in nature. I know by his body language that I'm not far off the mark. He feels what I'm feeling. Now the question is: what are we going to do about it?
"I see," he murmurs. "So, what are we going to do about that, Parrish?"
I lean forward, my hands folded in front of me. "I'm afraid I don't have much of an appetite this evening---for food, Marco. I might be amenable to fucking you, if you have no objection, that is."
His eyes are intense now, and I pray to God he doesn't reject my forwardness because trust me, it's a fucking first. Without taking his eyes off of me, he snaps his fingers, "Check please, Michelle."
Marco doesn't waste any time in paying our bill and hustling me out to his car. Once inside, we have several moments to wait while the car warms back up and the windows defrost.
I decide to take an awkward moment and make the best of it. I raise myself up and over the console, my face nuzzling into him. My lips make contact with his neck, moving leisurely to his strong jawline, planting soft, warm kisses along the way.
My fingers are buried in his thick, dark hair, pulling his face closer to mine, and then the power shifts from me to him. He lets a low growl escape, and his mouth takes full possession of mine.
His lips are soft and warm, and totally owning mine. His large hands frame my face, and he controls the tempo. I feel his teeth nip at my bottom lip, and then he gently sucks it in, as a soft moan escapes me.  His tongue parts my lips further and I press myself even closer to his masculine warmth, as our kiss deepens with lustful passion.
"Fuck," he growls, pulling back, "We're going to my place. Any objections?"
I smile, nipping playfully at his bottom lip now. "I wasn't planning on fucking you in the car," I tease.
Time has evaporated; I can't even tell you how many minutes passed once we hit the road to the hotel where Marco is staying, because the whole way, I let my fingers do the walking all over his crotch. My fingers pressed, pulled and rubbed the denim-clad bulge that seemed to grow with every passing moment. My tongue teased his right ear lobe, and I swear to God, he was having difficulty keeping his eyes on the road.
"Christ you need some cock," he said, grinning as I toyed with the zipper on his jeans.
I have never been one to talk dirty before, but then again, I've never felt this liberated before. Maybe I owe Ryan's cheating ass for that, but whatever the reason, I like it. I want to be a dirty girl. I'm not looking for love, or a relationship, or ties that bind. I simply want raw, sport-fucking with someone who wants the same.
Marco fits the bill.
"No more than you need pussy, Marco," I reply coyly, gripping his hard-on firmly, letting my thumbnail trace his length slowly up and then back down. I hear his sharp intake of breath.
He gazes over at me briefly, as he prepares to turn into the parking lot of Hilton North. "Sounds like we're on the same page then," he remarks, his eyes are kind of smoldering, and I'm not gonna lie, my pussy is already damp with anticipation.
We somehow make it inside to his suite which is on the sixth floor before we literally start tearing at one another's clothing. Marco pulls my sweater off over my head, tossing it to the floor as his one hand cups my chin bringing my mouth to his, while his other hand roughly moves my bra aside to claim a breast, his fingers massaging my nipples to erection. I shiver against him. My fingers are roughly working the button above his fly. I sigh heavily, frustrated. I feel like I'll die if I don't grope his junk in the next thirty seconds.
He gives a soft chuckle, kissing the tip of my nose playfully, and pulls back. "Easy girl, I can't grow a new one, you know?"
God. I'm fucking embarrassed!
But as I peer up at him, I see genuine warmth and amusement in his eyes.
It's all good.
In seconds, I hear the sound of his zipper, followed by the sound of his jeans falling in a heap at his feet. He steps out of them, his eyes still on mine. He's kicked off his boots somewhere between the door we came through and to where we stand now, at the foot of the bed.
"What are you waiting for? Don't you want to see what you've been feeling the whole way back here?"
I feel warmth flood my cheeks as I peer down and see his impressive erection flat against his belly. No boxers. No tighty-whities.
Marco goes commando.
And that's pretty fuckin' hot. Then I notice the glint of silver.
Fuck! He's got a pierced dick!
Oh. My.
"Aren't you gonna take your sweater off?" I ask, as if I've seen a zillion pierced cocks of his generous size. I mean, come on! No sense in giving Agent Trevani a big head, right?
No pun intended.
"Whatever you want, angel," he replies, taking both hands and pulling his sweater up and over his head. I view his broad chest, and admire the corded muscles of his upper arms. My gaze lowers to his firm flat belly, and the narrow line of dark hair that trails south to what he's got hanging "Now, your turn, babe. I want to watch you finish undressing. And I want you to take it nice and slow for my viewing pleasure."

 WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers so read at your own risk.

I thought I loved the first book from this series but I have to say that I have a new favorite.

Parrish Locke is back, and this time around she's back with a vengeance. Following her mom's clues Parrish goes on a mission to help a teenager who was murdered back in the seventies.
Guided by CeCe (the murdered girl) Parish learns about her life, her interactions with the people she loved and those who loved her, as well as with the person who ended up taking her life.

The story has a groovy feel to it since most of it takes place in the seventies, this part of the story brings a lot of things that were in and happening in that era which makes the story totally believable. While trying to help CeCe we also get a better understanding of Parrish's life in the present, a subplot to the main story so to speak. I have to say that I was impressed with the transitions between the past and the present, which are pretty much seamless.

While you'll experience some very steamy moments when Mr. FBI Marco comes to play, I have to say that this is a story that will tugged at your heartstrings. The senseless death of this girl will have you grabbing for those tissues without a doubt, and although the story didn't happen in this era we're living, it is definitely something that could happen at any given moment in time.

I absolutely LOVED this book, it immersed me in this girl's life and kept me there until that last word was written. The book has some paranormal aspects to it but nothing that would discourage a person not to read it. I'm looking forward to the third installment of this series to continue Parrish's new found mission to get justice for lingering souls. 
Book 1 - Silent Whisper
Book 2 - Clouds In My Coffee

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author Andrea Smith has a wicked sense of humor. No matter the genre, she is able to infuse laughter throughout. Andrea is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. She is the mother of two sons, and through the years has always held on to her dream of publishing fiction. Andrea Smith is the author of "Past Tense Future Perfect" (formerly published as the Baby series), The G-Man series (Diamond Girl, Love Plus One, Night Moves, G-Men Holiday Wrap, and Taz) "These Men" (Novella that was part of an 8-author Erotica Consortium compilation entitled Bend). Ms. Smith writes contemporary romance with suspense, mystery and an erotic tone.
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