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Promo Tour: Murder Beneath the Midnight Sun by Steven Spellman


When a huge meteorite slams into the earth and moves the planet closer to the sun, a new age of wide spread drought and chaos ensues. Over a third of the planet’s population is wiped out in what becomes known as The Great Splash, and mankind is thrust backward into a new ice age. 

Out of the rubble arises a city, the greatest city of the new world. Gongnam City. Gongnam is filled with people driven to the brink of sanity with the heat of a sun that never sets for ten months out of the year. Electricity is scarce, crime is plentiful, and a group of highly trained detectives known as The Force is tasked with maintaining order in the city. When Michael Parkers, the most highly decorated amongst The Force’s detectives, takes an indefinite hiatus after a botched investigation, a new kind of criminal element begins to rise in Gongnam. A new element that threatens to bring the fledging civilization of Gongnam to its knees before it’s even begun. Now it’s a race against time as John Mesan, Parkers long time partner and friend, searches desperately for a way to lure Parkers back to the city and to the badge. But, will Parkers return in time to prove his mettle yet again, or will it be too late to combat this rising menace?

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He watched in horror as the arms and legs of the corpse flailed in every awkward direction and snapped like dry twigs against the face of the mountain. The sharp edges of the larger rocks plunged into and out of the ribcage, the back, even the head of the dead man, leaving great gaping holes that became more indistinct as the body continued to drop from view. The plummeting, brutalized body soon disappeared completely, and as he forced his eyes upward the last sight Mesan saw before he blacked out was the pretty face of Tammy looking back at him, smiling. She blew him a kiss. “You’re next,” she mouthed silently.  

About the Author

Steven Spellman doesn't have a history of degrees in literature, but while attending college for computer science, he was praised for his writing ability. One of his professors even assumed he had copied an assignment, saying, "Usually, when we see anything like this, it's plagiarized." Whether reading or writing virtually anything, Steven finds great solace in the ideas and imageries expressed in books. After a nearly fatal accident, Steven was paralyzed for quite some time. Unfortunately, he will never fully recover, but he is now an ardent advocate for the disabled. Having been forced to sit down, Steven took the opportunity to revive his affinity for writing and has since written more than twelve fiction novels Throughout his early twenties he continued to write, but i wasn't until many years later than his wife finally convinced him that writing was his path in life. Three years after than, and dozens of submissions later, he could call himself a published author when three of his short stories were published all in the same month. 

If there is any absolute goal Steven has for his life, it is that his reader may find something in his work interesting and whimsical enough to give them a momentary escape from the grating reality of life. This is the greatest compliment that can be paid to him as a writer. 

Steven Spellman is thirty four year old career writer who lives in North Carolina with his beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters, one of whom only recently arrived into his clan. The only thing that comes close to being as important to him as his family is his passion for writing. 

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