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Blog Tour: Fan Girl by Brandace Morrow

Little more than a girl when Ali meets him, his voice resonates with her in a time when she needs it most. As an adult, Deklan has the potential to devastate her.
Deklan Thomas catches Ali Pierce's attention at a young age. Not that he notices. His band Rolling Bridges provides Ali the escape she desperately needs from her home life. Music. It's during this journey that she is confronted with what she has attempted to suppress all along. Her discontent with herself.
Refusing to settle for mediocrity, Ali sets off on a mission. Moving to the Big Apple, she gains a new outlook on life, a snarky online friend, a college degree, and a unique internship others would kill to have.
Though she grows leaps and bounds, her first love remains the same. Nothing can keep her from the music—music that will lead her down a road of passion and predicament that even the new Ali is unsure she can handle.
Is Deklan ready to give up his rocker lifestyle? And does Ali really want to be put in the spotlight after so many years in the shadows?

I really enjoyed this book.
Ali Pierce is overweight and a little awkward. Her parents overbearingness is asphyxiating her and she deals with finding refuge in an up and coming band, Rolling Bridges, and their lead singer, Deklan. 
Ali is smitten by the sexy rocker but other than talking to her here and there he doesn't pay too much attention to her.
Thanks to her paternal grandparents, Ali gets a chance to move to NY and start a new life while attending college. She looses the weight and starts shaping her future. That is until one night the starts align and Deklan comes back into Ali's life.
The events of that night change Ali's life plans as well as her life and Deklan's.
I loved the concept and how the author developed the story taking her time and taking the reader on these two character's journey. I loved Ali from the very beginning and my heart went out to her while dealing with her poor excuse for parents. I had my doubts about Deklan but he proved me completely wrong and I adored the guy he became. The one thing that I couldn't get on board with throughout the story was the constant description of every article of clothing these people were wearing, it drove me crazy. Details like that are important in certain occasions but not all the time.
All and all, it was a very entertaining and pleasant story to read. It was a journey full of drama, love, forgiveness and passion and I loved every second of it.
Four very solid stars for me and I'm looking forward to more books from this author.

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Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her current obsessions are Maroon 5, rum and coke, and reading in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she's everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion's messes, and everything that is Momdom in the Morrow house.

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