Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blog Tour #giveaway: Deceit by Rebecca Clark

The Stellar Series Book #1
By- Rebecca Clark
Genre-YA fantasy
Publication Date- November 2nd

Alexa Jenkinson is a self-appointed class nerd with no friends. Lately her only excitement comes in the form of a tall, dark and handsome Greek like god, which visits her every night in her dreams. On top of the strange dreams she can't help but think she's leading the wrong life. She believes that her reality is the average teenager’s worst nightmare. When the popular boy at school begins to show interest in Alexa, she thinks her luck just might be changing. Until the unthinkable happens, the boy in her dream appears and everything changes. Now she must navigate through the lies and relationships she believed to be genuine in order to find the truth.

Just as I spin around, a dark figure dashes behind the school announcement wall. I know someone had just been there because the fluorescent-green fliers pinned to it are dancing in the air. I wait a few seconds before walking toward the wall.

With each step closer, my heart bangs harder and harder against my chest. My head turns side to side, scanning for any nearby students or faculty. But it’s oddly quiet. The bell has already rung and everyone is in class.

My heart races faster and faster, but I keep moving forward. One more step and I’ll be able to peek around the corner.

“Ms. Jenkinson, what do you think you’re doing out of class?” The sound of my name makes me jump. I whirl around to see Mr. Riley approaching me.

“Um…um…I thought I dropped something on the way back from lunch. I’m just retracing my steps to find it.” I glance up at him, trying to hide my embarrassment, but my hot cheeks are probably giving me away. 


About the Author
Rebecca Clark is a mother, wife, and science teacher. When she can steal away some quiet time, you will find her reading or following her passion—writing. She enjoys writing young adult fantasy and paranormal romance. When she is not taking care of the family, working, reading, or writing, she enjoys traveling and being with her family and friends. This is the first book in the Stellar Series, and the second book—Disorder—will be out Summer 2016.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thestellarseries
Twitter- https://twitter.com/rebecca_author
Website- http://rebeccaclarkauthor.com/

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