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Blog Tour #giveaway: Sugar's Fate by P.T. Macias

Sugar’s Fate
Subtitle-Sexy Alpha Shifters Love Big Beautiful Women (BBW Book 1)
Series-Alpha Shifter Love Series # 1
By- P.T. Macias
Genre-Paranormal Romance

Dr. Easton is new in town and new at the clinic. The sexy alpha shifter has the young women in town fawning over him. He’s always enjoyed sexy petite woman until he examines BBW, Artemis. The strong unexpected mating attraction baffles and intrigues him. The delectable thought of mating crosses his mind for first time.

Her boss, sends her on a special assignment that places her in danger and risks her life. Dr. Easton is forced to make hard decision to save her.

Artemis is confident and accepts her BBW curves until she gets hurt. The unexpected feelings that she encounters when she meets the doctor confuse her. Can she overcome her doubts, accept his invitation for a date, and win his love?

Easton sits in the chair next to Artemis’ bed in the ER room. He observes her breathing, and every little movement she makes. His golden brown eyes glow, and his full red lips press tight causing white marks around the edge.

Artemis whimpers softly, the soft sound barely audible, and slowly moves her head to the right. She slowly opens her beautiful green eyes trying to focus. She blinks rapidly. Confused, the tears gather, and spill down her face. “Baby.” She moans for Easton in her anguish, and confusion.

Easton jumps up from the chair, he takes two big steps to reach her side. “Shushhh….Sugar, how are you feeling?” He tenderly strokes her hair from her face. He looks at her injuries on her face, and leans down to softly kiss her full pale lips.

“Ba….by, did they hu…rt me.” She gazes up into his golden brown eyes. The tears fall down her face, the tears leave a shiny trail on her translucent white skin, and down onto her pillow.

He tenderly strokes the side of her soft cheek, literally watching the bruises start to disappear. He moves his gaze down to look at her jaw. “Sugar, does your jaw hurt? I think that you’re healing fast. I’m so happy to see that you’re going to live because for a moment I thought that I had lost you.”

Artemis continues to cry softly, she searches his eyes for the truth of his words. Gosh he truly loves me.

“Baaa….by, our baby …….is ok?” Her green eyes are wide, the long black eyelashes are clustered together, and her lower lip trembles waiting for his reply. She closes her eyes afraid to see the answer.

Easton leans down, and kisses her temple, he slowly moves his soft full lips down the side of her silky check, and kisses each tear drop away. “Sugar, our cub is ok. Please don’t worry because you’re safe. Our cub is safe, and both of you are healing rapidly.” He whispers near her ear.


About the Author
I’m P.T. Macias (Patricia), I reside in Sacramento, California with my loving husband, children, and family. I adore my four beautiful grandchildren. I was born and raised in San Jose, California.

I love going on cruises, concerts, white peaches, pistachio ice cream, and margaritas. I’m an avid reader and I love paranormal romance suspense thrillers.

I love writing about drama, suspense, and intrigue. I throw in a dash of love and passion. I'm intrigued with the different types and depths of love. Love is powerful and motivates an individual. I'm fascinated with the physiological, spiritual, and psychological process that love creates. The range and facets of love an individual is capable of feeling is what I strive to illustrate in my stories.

I love the paranormal genre. I find this genre an exciting challenge and I enjoy writing about the sexy vhampiers, werewolves, dragons, and other entities. My greatest thrill in the paranormal genre is the limitless range of characteristics, powers, and weaknesses available to develop my characters' and entities' realms.

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