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Blog Tour #giveaway #review: Rush by Gina Gordon

By: Gina Gordon
Releasing May 12, 2015


In this edgy, sizzling romance for fans of Monica Murphy and Abbi Glines, a bad boy shows a straitlaced law student how to slow down and savor the good things.

Everly Parker is about to graduate from law school, always busy, and can’t stop rushing through life. Her late grandmother left her a bucket list of meaningful, can’t-miss experiences, but she hasn’t completed a single one. Then searing-hot Max Levin bursts into her world. As a casting director for a porn production company, Max is loaded, cocky, and all wrong for Everly. Still, she’s tempted enough to cross the first item off her list: Go out with someone you’d never give the time of day.

Inheriting a porn empire isn’t every guy’s dream (well, actually, it probably is), but Max isn’t complaining. It’s just that until he meets Everly, he has no idea what he’s been missing. As the pressure mounts to take over the family business, Max can’t help wondering what would happen if he chose Everly instead. So far, his life has been a wild ride, but only Everly promises the greatest rush of all: love.

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A loud bang sounded to my right and I turned my attention to the aisle, where a sweet- looking girl blew a heavy breath out the side of her mouth. It caused her unkempt black hair to flutter around her face. She bent, reaching to pick up the stack of books that had fallen to the ground, giving a spectacular view of a tight, round bottom covered in black fabric.

Who knew yoga pants were so damn sexy? Hers were sloppily tucked into a pair of beige Uggs.

I scrambled from my seat and crouched beside her, picking up one of her books and holding it out. “You dropped something,” I said, my senses kicking up at the sweet scent surrounding me.

She snorted, a cute little laugh, and grabbed the book from my hand. “Sounds like something I would do.”

She finally looked up and her soft blue eyes locked on mine. Her lips were plump and naked. She didn’t need lipstick. They were the perfect shade of raspberry. Her pale skin was luminous and it took all of my willpower not to lean in and scent her, running my nose up her dainty neck. My cock twitched in my pants. An unexpected twitch. One I hadn’t felt upon first sight of a woman in a long damn time.

Getting rid of that book so soon might have been a bad idea. I needed it to cover the semi that had just popped up in my pants.

I did a quick survey of her body, which didn’t stand out, in yoga pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. She was the exact opposite of the women I saw on a daily basis. She was as plain as vanilla ice cream, but something grabbed me—grabbed my cock, was more like it.

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Her face knitted with guilt as her eyes settled on something behind me.

“We’re on an interview,” Stella said from the table.

This woman knew the escorts. Did that mean she, too, was . . . A grinned curved up at the side of my mouth. Oh, yeah, I could definitely see her making a lot of money playing the uptight librarian fantasy.

“At my favorite cafĂ©?”

“Public space, and all,” Jade said with a shrug.

Smart girl. Just the kind of girl White Lace wanted.

When the last book had been picked up, the woman straightened, and I followed suit. She flipped her hair and when her sea-blue eyes locked on mine, I suddenly felt like I’d just run the New York Marathon. Winded, achy, but high on something I just couldn’t put my finger on.

“Thank goodness.” She struggled to gather the books against her chest. “I thought I

interrupted your dates.”

I struggled to lift my arm to help her, but it was caught on something invisible. Sort of like my tongue, which didn’t want to cooperate.

She shuffled away and placed her books on a table three down from where we sat.

When she returned, she eyed me with . . . disinterest.

“I’m Max Levin.” This time my arm cooperated. “Are you an associate of these lovely


She brought her hand up to cover her chest. “You think . . . Oh, no.” She laughed, a sweet little giggle that forced a smile to my face. “I’m not a . . .” A blush fell across her cheeks.

Innocent. Unassuming. With a little lip gloss, maybe . . . I shook off the thought. This girl wasn’t porn material. But for the first time in years, I actually wanted to test the merchandise to find out.

This book was a pleasant surprise, a hidden treasure.
Max Levin is the son of porn royalty. His father, a famous porn producer is the proud owner of one of the biggest adult entertainment production companies. His deceased mother, a porn star to the outside world, but to her husband and son she was a devoted, loving mother and wife, who was also a very charitable soul. He seems to have it all figured out but with his upcoming complete takeover of the porn production business he starts doubting if that is what he really wants to do with his life.
Everly Parker has lived her live following her parents rules, even following their footsteps and studying to become a lawyer. Deep inside she has doubts that that is the path she wants to follow, but she doesn't want to disappoint them by venturing into something new. Her grandmother, who knew Everly probably better than she knew herself, just passed away leaving her her house and a bucket list. A bucket list written to help Everly start living her life to the fullest.
Max and Everly meet by chance and although things start a little slow, they soon heat up and these two start showing each other what they really need in life, with a little help from her grandma's list.
This was a quick read for me, well developed, with very sweet, likable characters. I liked the fact that although Max is surrounded by the porn industry, the author didn't make this a book about sex. As a matter of fact, she built the sexual tension around Max and Everly, making their lives and their journey the first priority instead of them ending having sex right away. I loved, loved, loved the way Max's mom's was portrayed. Yes, she was a famous porn star who had sex in front of the camera and she loved her job, but she loved her husband and son even more. You can feel the tenderness of this woman by the way she is described by her family, it was truly touching.
There's some angst and a big secret revealed that changes Max's way of seeing certain things.
I really enjoyed this book. A great read, I highly recommend.

Author Info
When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream: becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back. A self-proclaimed happily-ever-after junkie and cupcake connoisseur, Gordon loves spinning contemporary tales of knee-bending first kisses, unconditional love, and super-hot sex. She lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband and their lovable dog.

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