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Blog Tour, Review: Sins of September by Graysen Blue

***Readers Must Be 18+. Please Note That This Book Includes Explicit Sexual Content***

I'm no angel. I never was. But when Mama left us just short of my fourteenth birthday, any chance of me becoming angelic flew out the window. 

My step-father, Jesse, had been the only 'father-figure' in my life from the time I was six years-old, but all that came to an end when Mama left. I was sent to live with my grandparents in another state; my half-sister, Scout, remained with Jesse, her daddy. And my world had crashed around me. 

Fast-forward four years. I'm almost eighteen and a somewhat normal teenage girl who's curious about her sexuality, and determined to find someone like my Mama had - but hadn't appreciated. As luck would have it, my stepfather wants me to spend the summer going into my senior year in Arkansas with them. He needs me to take care of my little sister, Scout over the summer. 

Four years have changed both Jesse and me in ways we hadn't considered. It isn't long before I encounter the obstacles involved in getting what it is I really want: Jesse Ryan. 

Complications follow, and I learn more than I ever anticipated that summer, not only about myself and my sexuality, but also about being true to myself, and putting others that I love first. 


"You might’ve turned eighteen, but I’m still the adult here. If I wanna sit in my own house and get fucking hammered for once, then by God I will do just that! I don’t need a teenager watching over me. She’s my wife, goddamit!
“And she’s my mother!” I scream. “And she fucking left the both of us! Remember?”
“Hell yes I remember.”
“So that’s it? What? I mean are you gonna go through the rest of your life holding onto something—to someone—whether she’s dead or alive, that makes you feel the way you feel right this damn minute?”
I look into his eyes because I want to hear it from him. I want to know why he feels the need to punish himself for what she did.
He takes another sip of his beer, and shrugs. “Shit, maybe so. Maybe it’s what I deserve for not being enough, and not letting her be enough for herself.”
I have no clue as to what he means by that. I simply throw out a retort for good measure. “That’s weak,” I mumble. “Pathetic and weak.”
I start to get off the couch so that I can get away from his drunken ass. I can take almost anything except self-pity or self-loathing. I’ve no tolerance for it.
His hand clamps around my wrist and I’m jerked back around to face him as he stands, pulling me up against him roughly. “What did you say?” he growls.
“I-I think you’re acting weak,” I mumble, losing a bit of my courage.
He cocks a brow as he studies me intently. “What would you know about love—or life or any of it?”
“Maybe more than you think,” I reply softly, looking up at his beautiful, angry face, meeting his cool gaze with one of my own. Our conflicted eyes lock, and when they do, something passes between us; like a spark or something, and all I can think is that it’s about damn time.
He pulls me closer. I wrap my arms around his strong neck, and tilt my face back a bit to give him ample access because this will happen. I’ve decided that.
He captures my mouth with his roughly—almost savagely, but I don’t care. “Fuck you look so much like her,” he growls, “I need to see if you taste like her too.”

“Do it,” I dare.
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 Let me start by saying that taboo theme books are not necessarily my cup of tea. That said, I truly liked this book.
September lives with her mom, her stepsister and stepfather, they live a fairly normal life when her mom decides to leave with someone who will supposedly offered her a better future. September is left to deal with her mom's selfish actions at almost 14 years old, and her life as she knew it comes crashing down. She's then sent to live with her grandparents, her stepfather too hurt to be responsible of taking care of both sisters, leaving her with feelings unloved and abandoned by the only father figured she's ever had.
Four years later she comes back to leave with Jesse, her stepfather, and her stepsister Scout. She's a rebellious teenager, with hormones going crazy through her body and starting to realize that she doesn't really see Jesse as a father figure, but as a man who she's very much interested in.
I'm not giving anymore of the plot of the book because it wouldn't be fair and I like the reader to experience a book fully without too many spoilers.
Even though September comes across as a manipulative, conniving bitch at a certain point during the story, we have to understand that she was just a teenager, and while not all teenagers are that way, some definitely do and use it to their advantage.
Jesse is sweet and a bit naive at times, he's a hardworking man who has provided for his little girl being a mother and a father for her as well.
I like the way the characters start changing over time, there's a big change in the manipulative September to a more mature and self controlled young woman who is not going allow anyone to leave her behind a second time.
I think this is a very good debut book by this new author. I was enraptured by the story from the beginning and all I kept saying at the end was, WHAT? WHAT? There is a minor cliffhanger at the end of the book, but I think it was perfectly done and I can't wait to read a second book.
I also have to praise the author by handling a subject that could be a bit uncomfortable to some people in a way that doesn't offend or insult anyone.
Job well done Graysen!

About the Author
Graysen Blue is a 27 year-old, stay-at-home mom who has previously self-published children's books under a different pen name. "Sins of September" is Graysen's debut novel in the New Adult fiction genre.

Born in the U.K., Graysen attended Princeton University, and holds a B.S. in Economics. She is married and makes her home with her husband, Michael, and their daughter, Scout, on the west coast.

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