Thursday, July 31, 2014


Author Sawyer Bennett
Release Date 9/8/2014

Zach Easton doesn’t know much about the sexual norms in the modern world. But he so wants to learn, and demands that Moira teach him. So, this excerpt starts in the middle of a “lesson” on the woman’s body, as he watches her masturbate. But his dominant nature sort of takes over. Enjoy!!!

EXCERPT FROM UNCIVILIZED:                                                                   
Pulling my finger out, I bring it up and hesitantly drag it right over my clit, bringing the wetness from my soaked pussy along for the ride. The first touch almost launches me off the bed, my hips bucking upward violently and a groan tearing out of my throat.
"Yes," Zach hisses through his teeth. "Do it again."
I don't hesitate, because my body is screaming out in need and I bring two fingers to my clit, rubbing them in a circle around the swollen flesh. My breathing becomes erratic as I masturbate with Zach kneeling in between my legs, bent over and watching me with hot eyes. I can feel myself quickening and my lower back starts to tighten up in preparation for my climax. I rub harder, groans now repetitively tearing their way out from deep within my chest.
So close.
My hips gyrate and my fingers work furiously and I feel I'm racing down a dark tunnel with a bright, orgasmic light at the end.
"Stop!" Zach growls and grabs my wrist to halt my actions.
"No," I moan over the loss of friction I had been creating and frustration courses through me.
"Were you ready to come?" Zach asks. "Were you close?"
"Yes," I practically shout. "So close. Let me finish."
"No," he tells me while maintaining a firm grip on my wrist. "I want to talk about something else that has occurred to me."
"What?" I practically snarl at him while trying to inch my hand closer to my pussy that is screaming to be touched. My other hand is still in place, spreading myself wide but his grip keeps me captive.
Zach leans over and puts his face closer to where I'm splayed open. He purses his mouth and blows a stream of breath over my sensitive flesh and I yelp from the amazing sensation.
"It occurs to me, that all those things you were just doing with your fingers... someone could do with their tongue, right?"
I groan deeply, and the thought of Zach's tongue on me causes a spasm of pleasure to wrack my body.
Zach blows on me again. "Answer me, Moira. Technically, a tongue would work just as good as your fingers, wouldn't it?"
God, please have mercy on my soul.
"Better, Zach," I whisper. "It would work better."
His eyes finally travel up to meet mine, and his looks sears me from the inside out. "Release me, Moira. Release me from my promise not to touch you. I'll only use my tongue, I promise. Nothing else."
I'm going to hell. Straight to hell, but my body can't handle this any further. It wants what Zach just offered me, and it's demanding I take it.
"Yes," I breathe out in a rush of desire and longing. "I release you."
Zach doesn't hesitate and his body drops to the mattress, his face going directly in between my legs. He releases my wrist and because, true to his word, he's not using his hands, I pull myself wide open for him again.
He immediately shoves his tongue deep inside of me, giving a groan of approval as he pumps it in and out of my wet flesh. A piercing cry flies from my mouth and my hips surge up against him hard.
He pulls his tongue out and brings his mouth to my clit, and as if he was an expert who had been doing it for years, forms his lips around it and sucks on me hard. Then he brings his tongue in to play and circles it around me, harder, faster, rough... raw... primally brutal in the way he lashes against me.
Another cry comes out and I try to choke it down. Tears form in my eyes over the unbelievable sensation of Zach eating me out like no man has ever done before. He's taking full possession of my body and he's beating it, solely with his tongue, into submission.
My muscles start to contract, the pressure between my legs builds epically.
Zach continues his assault.
Tongue thrust.
Lash again.
Suck, suck, sucking hard.
With an incredibly quick flutter of his tongue over my clit, I erupt all at once. My hands fly into the long locks of Zach's hair and I mash his face down onto me, rolling my hips. He groans hotly against my flesh and thrusts his tongue into me again as my orgasm quakes and rolls through what feels like every molecule in my body.
As if knowing I'm over sensitive now, Zach takes his tongue and gently laps against me, bringing me down with soft swipes. When the tremors finally cease, I unclench my grip from his hair and let my hands fall limply to the mattress.
Zach gives one last soft suck on my clit, which sends another minor spasm through me, and finally pulls away. Sitting back on his haunches, he looks down at me with a superior smile and wipes his mouth with the back of my hand.
My eyes travel down and I can see that massive erection pushing out against the front of his shorts. He hasn't touched himself once.
When my eyes raise back up to meet his, he surprises me by giving me a short nod of his head and scooting backward off the bed.
"Thank you, Moira. I learned a lot."
My jaw drops as I watch him turn away and walk out of my bedroom, closing my door softly behind him.
Raising my hands up, I rub them over my face and groan in despair.
What in the hell did I just do?

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