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Blog Tour and Review: Drive by Brenda Rothert

Years of training are about to pay off for hockey player Nikola Vereshkova. A call to play in the big league means he can finally come through for those who need him. His relocation to Chicago comes with built-in friends – and one gorgeous enemy who was less than impressed with him after their first encounter.
Sadie Alexander knows all about the drastic measures men will take just to get laid. She’s not only experienced it first-hand, but lived to tell about it in her online column, Sadie Says. And even though she’s a die-hard independent woman on the outside, the recent marriage of her best friend has her secretly feeling more alone than ever.
Getting close to a foul-mouthed Russian hockey heartthrob was the last thing Sadie expected. And the timing couldn’t be worse since she’s sworn off of men for a writing assignment. The line between love and hate is eroding, and Niko and Sadie find themselves in deeper than they ever expected. Could something that started out wrong end up being just right?


Sometimes the one thing you're running from because you're afraid it will hurt you, is the one thing  you need most in life.
Sadie is alone in the world. Yes, she has dear friends who she considers family, but her blood relatives closest to her passed away leaving her with a hole in her heart. In her loneliness she creates this idea that she only has herself to survive.
Nikola Vereshkova or Niko comes from humble beginnings, to him family is the most important thing.  When the opportunity comes to move to the big league, he needs to prove to himself that he's good enough to be there and to his family that he will do what it takes to help them the way they helped him.
Their firsts encounter is a bit sketchy and Sadie forms the wrong opinion of Niko thanks to his own stupidity.
From then on Niko is up to prove to her that he's not the person she believes him to be.Other than the fact that Niko is one hell of a hunk with a very sexy dirty mouth, he's sweet, he's loyal and when he loves he gives all of himself. Sadie breaks your heart at times, I completely understood where she was coming from and the doubts she had, but she remained strong and level headed.
Their chemistry in the bedroom is no doubt hot and steamy, but their connection as friends is just incredibly beautiful.
There is a very human depth and tenderness to this story and the characters. I wouldn't expected nothing less from Brenda, because that's the kind of story teller she is. She makes you feel and live the story as if it was
your own.
This is the fourth book in the Fire on Ice Series but each book can be read as a standalone.
If you haven't read any books on this series or any books by Brenda yet, you're missing out on great stories and a lot of heart.
Big 5 stars to Drive

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About the Author
Brenda Rothert is a proud indie author who loves writing stories that make readers laugh, cry and occasionally, yell at their e-readers. Her Contemporary New Adult Romances include The Now Series - Now and Then, Now and Again and Now and Forever; and The Fire on Ice Series - Bound, Captive and Edge. Brenda lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three boys. 

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