Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Release Day: Keeping Spear by Maritza M. Carreon

*** Warning: this book contains strong sexual content. Intended for mature audiences only. ***
Running away was what I always did when times got tough, but Caleb turned out to be the one problem I didn't want to run away from. I fell for him. I fell hard. The intense connection we shared that first night was only the beginning. After Ben’s attack, Caleb’s quiet reassurance gave me strength, but was our connection enough to endure the difficulties we would surely face? Was I enough to help Caleb overcome the ghosts of his past? Was he enough to help me confront my own past relationship baggage?
Picking up right where Falling Spear (Book 1) left off, Mia Alvarez finds herself in not one, but two precarious situations: overcoming Ben’s attack and facing Caleb’s past. Can she find the strength to fight for what her heart wants? Is it worth the risk to her fragile heart? Or will her own haunted past get in the way of it all?

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Falling Spear
Running away from my problems seems like the best way to deal with them. That's how it all started out anyway, by me running away from the embarrassment and hurt my ex-boyfriend caused me. I began a new life in Austin, Texas where I work and made a few friends. It's been a year now and it clicked I haven't really lived yet. I'm missing something and I hope to find it in Ben. Apart from being utterly perfect in looks he is romantic and sweet to me. What more could a girl ask for, right? Boy, was I wrong...
Twenty-four year old Mia is nestled in her habits going from home to work and back in a routine. An occasional outing with friends is all the excitement she sets herself. Her encounter with a persistent guy named Ben, opens her eyes that she needs to take a chance again at love. Sometimes you need to look again to find out what the heart wants. On a night out, Mia steals a chance with a blue-eyed stranger that will give her all she needs and more. 
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