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Blog Tour: The Goodbye Year by Kaira Rouda



Melanie, a perfectionist mom who views the approaching end of parenting as a type of death, can’t believe she has only one more year to live vicariously through her slacker senior son, Dane. Gorgeous mom Sarah has just begun to realize that her only daughter, Ashley, has been serving as a stand-in for her traveling husband, and the thought of her daughter leaving for college is cracking the carefully cultivated façade of her life. Will and his wife are fine―as long as he follows the instructions on the family calendar and is sure to keep secret his whole other life with Lauren, the woman he turns to for fun (and who also happens to have a daughter in the senior class).

Told from the points of view of both the parents and the kids, The Goodbye Year explores high school peer pressure, what it’s like for young people to face the unknown of life after high school, and how a transition that should be the beginning of a couple’s second act together―empty nesting―might possibly be the end.


Hello Mrs. Bronson, a perky red head said waving from across the quad as she hurried over. Even in the descending fog, Melanie knew it was omnipresent Annie, ready to help at all events where adults in general and parents in particular could see her shine. Annie had been assigned to escort Dane around on his first day at school, arriving as they had in his ninth grade year. Things had gone downhill for him since then. But not for Annie, who was already admitted to the Ivy League school of her choice based on her volleyball and academic prowess even though it was only September. Melanie still didnt understand how that was possible, as she pinched her palm and reminded herself she had Seth. He was her overachiever. Her reason for school pride. She was batting fifty percent, even as Annies parents were three for three at the Ivys. Who does that, really? Freaks, Melanie thought as she painted on a smile.

Are you lost? Annie asked, big brown eyes blinking with genuine concern, or perhaps pity. Melanie deserved both she realized.

Oh, no, dear, just waiting for second period. Dane has a free first, Melanie said, a bit too brightly. If only the quad would stop swaying, she thought, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.

Lucky. My mom wont let me have a free period, even, Annie said, not finishing the sentence.

Even though youre already admitted somewhere fabu- lous, arent you? Melanie asked, dreading the answer as it would force her own sons inferiority out into the open, like a boulder landing in the space between them.

Well, I still need to keep my grades up, but yes, I signed with Harvard, Annie said, shoving her hands in her jeans back pockets as Melanie felt the thud. I cant wait to start living my own life.

Melanie braced herself on the planter, both hands on the now dew-covered cold white plaster. Thats wonderful, dear. Your parents must be so proud. Blessedly, the bell rang, and classroom doors burst open as overachieving parents filled the quad, scampering to their next classroom and providing Melanie with the opportunity to escape. Ive got to go. See you later!

Pushing off the planter, Melanie headed down a ramp in the direction of the athletic field, smiling at the memory of Seths senior year. Hed been captain of the football team, on the homecoming court, ASB president, and a National Merit Scholar. Hed been everything you could be in high school, even though hed arrived here his junior year. He was continuing that success in college. Dane, her other son, tried hard to be the opposite, Melanie thought as she walked slowly into the silk-screening classroom.

Of course Danes first class of the day was one established to prepare him and others of his ilk for menial labor. Melanie squinted her eyes at the glare from the fluorescent lights, dropped her head and entered the room, hoping no one would recognize her from her past PTA involvement two years earlier when she had been able to shine in the reflected brilliance of Seths achievements.

Shed never been inside any of the work/study class- rooms, though shed been on committees that approved sup- plies for these types of kids. The fluorescent lights inside the large classroom seemed to flatten out all of the features of the parents as they each picked a stool and climbed aboard. The room smelled like overheated computers, a vaguely car-tire smell. The teacher, a man with a ponytail down his back of all things, smiled and nodded from his perch at the head of the long table. Melanie felt certain things could not get any worse until perfect Dr. Jud Nelson and his perfect wife, Sarah, strolled in, sucking up the attention in the room as if their entrance had been preceded by an announcer.

Melanie knew why, of course. All the men wanted to be him, most all the women of her age in town had a crush on him. Dr. Nelson, the leading plastic surgeon in town, was gorgeous, with a strong cleft chin, perfect teeth and a broad, white- toothed smile and flowing dark hair. His twinkling blue eyes made the women in town swoon even while he was tucking and plumping their bodies. He also had invented some technology that was now used in surgeries internationally, a patent worth billions. Even so, he continued to work at his practice when he wasnt lecturing abroad.

Dr. Nelson had refreshed more womens faces in Crystal Beach than anyone, including at least a dozen of Melanies friends. Shed considered going to see him herself, just for a consultation of course, but had always lost her nerve. Primarily, she realized, because she didnt want his wife to know, nor did she want her look. Shed never be able to go back home to Ohio if she looked anything like Sarah Nelson, a look perfected by Real Housewives on both coasts. There was a reason there wasnt a Real Housewives of Ohio or Ohio, Melanie knew.

But here, in Crystal Beach, Sarah Nelson was the queen bee. With her long, blonde hairrumored to be enhanced by extensions but no one dared askoverly plumped lips, sculpted body with round globe breasts and an expressionless face, frequent trips to LA for shoppingSarah was both untouchably perfect and somehow ethereal, revered by all the women in town. Melanie was completely intimidated by her and had been since shed arrived in town from Ohio, only to find herself living just down the street from the queen in Diamond Bay, their exclusive gated community.

To make matters worse, the Nelsons were the parents of a perfect daughter, Ashley, a senior like Dane, who no doubt had never set foot in shop class and probably already had signed with an Ivy League school. Melanie felt the trickle of sweat between her shoulder blades turning into a small river.

From the front of the classroom, Sarah shot Melanie a look that was her version of a smile, an open-mouthed sort of move- ment that she would need to employ to eat, if she did that. The sides of her mouth did tilt up a bit with the gesture and Melanie gave her a wave. The families were social friends, members of the same country club, neighbors and, for the past four years, thrown together during various kid-related events and PTA meetings. Whenever she was around Sarah, Melanie felt bland and doughy. Whenever she was around Sarah, she wanted to schedule an appointment with Sarahs husband.

But, now she was simply annoyed. How had the Nelsons discovered her here, in shop class? She didnt know why, but Jud and Sarah Nelsons very presence in this room was causing a piercing headache just above Melanies right eye. Her eyes rolled involuntarily as he pulled out a stool two down from hers and settled Sarah into it and then sat down next to her, giving her a peck on the cheek in the process.

Mel, you look lovely this evening, he said into her ear, while settling in and waving hi to all of his fans and minions gathered around the shop table. She knew she should feel honored by his seat selection, and his overt display of their personal closeness, but she wasnt. She couldnt put a finger on what it was about him, but something just didnt add up. Melanie was about to ask him if Ashley was in the classmaybe it was her secret love of silk screening?just to make small talk, when the hippie teacher cleared his throat. It didnt matter, she supposed, but a wave of relief washed over her that the Nelsons perfect kid was in a screen-printing class with Dane. Maybe her son and Ashley sat next to each other, worked on projects together, she thought. Melanie sat up a little taller on her stool, and smoothed her black sheath dress. She closed her right eye and that eased the headache. At least shed stopped sweating for the moment.

Thank you all for coming tonight. Parent involvement is what makes Crystal Beach High School one of the best in the state of California, am I right? hippie teacher said by way of introduction. She wondered if he was high. He could be high. Maybe thats what Melanie needed to do, she thought. She needed to be stoned to make it through the night. Thanks to the big donation from Dr. Nelson, Mrs. Nelson, and the Nelson Medical Group our kids have a brand new screen-printing machine. Can I get a round of applause for Dr. Nelson here?

As Melanie joined in the clapping, her face began to turn red. Ashley Nelson wasnt in this class for dummies, she realized. The Nelsons were simply here to soak up kudos for helping the poor kids who would never amount to anything.

Kids like Dane, her tall, dark and handsome hipster son.


Kaira Rouda is a USA Today bestselling, multiple award-winning author of contemporary women's fiction and sexy modern romance novels that sparkle with humor and heart. Her women's fiction titles include HERE, HOME, HOPE, ALL THE DIFFERENCE and IN THE MIRROR. Her bestselling short story is titled, A MOTHER'S DAY. Kaira's work has won the Indie Excellence Award, USA Book Awards, the Reader's Choice Awards and honorable mention in the Writer's Digest International Book Awards. Her books have been widely reviewed and featured in leading magazines.

Her sexy contemporary romance series set on INDIGO ISLAND includes: WEEKEND WITH THE TYCOON, Book 1; HER FORBIDDEN LOVE, Book 2; THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTMAS, Book 3; and THE BILLIONAIRE'S BID, Book 4. Each of these novellas can be read as a stand alone, or enjoyed as a series. Her new series is set in LAGUNA BEACH and includes: LAGUNA NIGHTS, Book 1; LAGUNA HEIGHTS, Book 2; and LAGUNA LIGHTS, Book 3 coming winter 2015. She also helped launch Melissa Foster's The Remington's Kindle World with her bestselling novella, SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE, and is part of Carly Phillips Dare to Love Kindle World with THE CELEBRITY DARE.

Her nonfiction titles, REAL YOU INCORPORATED: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs, and REAL YOU FOR AUTHORS: 8 Essentials for Women Writers (available for free download on her website) continue to inspire. 

She lives in Southern California with her husband and four almost-grown kids, and is at work on her next novel. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook at Kaira Rouda Books and on her website,


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