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Blog Tour #giveaway: Wicked Sunshine by Justine Winter

Title: Wicked Sunshine 
Series: A Rush Enterprises Novel
Author: Justine Winter
Genre: NA Romantic Comedy
Published: October 30, 2015 

Billionaire. Philanthropist. Manwhore.
Grayson Rush is a title sandwich that everyone’s trying to snack on, but when it comes to women he has rules that he’s been implementing for the past eight years of his twenty-seven year-old life. 
1. Condoms are sacred.
2. Never hook up with an employee.
3. No double dipping.
He likes his women fresh and their names forgotten, thrown in the bin along with their dignity. He’ll profess to being a deity of sex, that his precious Excalibur is the source of all gratification. And the media will attest to that. Satisfaction is his specialty. Pleasure is his mission.
But like all great heroes of history’s legends, he claims a weakness resonates in his rickety, tattered heart. The premise of more is his Kryptonite. The word alone invokes an instant BD: Boner Destroyer.
Why is it, then, when smart-mouthed, twenty-three year-old Maya Kennedy comes waltzing in his office, pitching her creative designer services, that he’s suddenly eager to rebel against his own foundations?
When his wise younger sister, and best friend conspire against him, he realises that chasing Maya might be just what he needs despite his reservations on romance. Love is a bitch, and her name is Sabrina. 
Stepping out of his cob-webbed past, he’s determined to keep the dust from tainting his future. 
Can a womanizing Manwhore change his ways, or is Gentleman a title too unattainable?

“Wicked Sunshine is a laugh out loud erotic novel that will blow your mind on the number of different ways one can say the word penis! If you are looking for sexy steam humor well Justine hit the nail on the head with this one!”~ Ena Burnette Enticing Journey Book Promotions/Swoon Worthy Books”
“I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. Every part of this story was completely amazing. This book was funny, sexy, intense, passionate, naughty, and oh so very tempting. This book will make you laugh really hard. This book will make you blush something fierce. This book will warm your heart and make you smile. You will swoon and definitely fall in love. And by the end, you will want so much more.” ~ 5 Star Renee Entress’ Book Blog
“It was sexy, thrilling, with laugh out loud moments throughout. It was a pleasure to read, as always Justine Winter” ~ 5 Star Goodreads Reviewer

Grayson  Rush
Mr.  Rush’s  secretary  gives  me  the  all  clear,  motioning  that  he’s  ready  to  see  me.  I  follow  the  older  woman,  ducking  into  the  mogul’s  large,  modern,  excellent-views  office.  We  shake  hands,  his  grip  is  firm,  controlling,  and  I  take  my  seat  opposite  his  desk.  I  clear  my  throat,  press  the  Dictaphone  app  on  my  phone,  and  get  started.
Interviewer:  Mr.  Rush,  thank  you  for  scheduling  me  in  today.  To  get  started,  why  don’t  you  tell  us  something  about  yourself?
Grayson:  You  mean  something  everyone  doesn’t  know  already?  Come  on,  there’s  a  segment  about  me  every  two  damn  minutes.  For  the  record,  this  suit  is  charcoal  ink  not  dusty  grey,  you  know,  for  all  your  fashion-conscious  readers  that  are  just  chomping  at  the  bit  to  find  out  what  I  wore  today.
Interviewer:  Touch√©.  Noted.   [I  smile,  liking  his  directness]  You’re  no  stranger  to  having  your  life  quoted  on  a  daily  basis.  Does  it  get  tiring?
Grayson:  Are  you  asking  me  if  I  want  more  privacy?  [he  rolls  his  eyes,  zeroing  his  gaze  on  me]   It’s  a  bit  late  for  that  now,  isn’t  it?  So,  why  don’t  we  cut  to  the  chase  and  you  ask  me  what  you  really  want  to  know?
Interviewer:  [I  shrug]  Maya  Kennedy.  What’s  so  special  about  this  girl?  Everyone  knows  you’re  a  once-only  kind  of  guy  -  we  have  your  conquests  listed  in  our  weekly  feature.
Grayson:  I’ve  noticed,  yet  it  doesn’t  deter  the  women.  [He  smiles  devilishly,  eyes  twinkle]  Maya  Kennedy?  She’s  the  kind  of  woman  you  adjust  your  traditions  for.
Interviewer:  Does  that  bother  you?  Changing  your  ways  for  a  woman?
Grayson:  [He  scoffs,  shaking  his  head]  I  developed  my  ways  because  of  a  woman.  I’m  not  some  archaic  thinking  man  that  believes  women  aren’t  his  equal.  Anything  is  possible  when  you  think  it’s  worth  it.  Besides,  I’m  a  man  that  takes  plenty  of  risks  in  the  business  world,  now  I’m  broadening  my  spectrum.
Interviewer:  Interesting.   Should  I  dare  suggest  you’re  putting  yourself  off  the  market?
Grayson:  Print  what  you  like,  what  I  say  tends  to  be  morphed  into  whatever  you  think  the  public  wants  to  hear  anyway.  [Calculatingly  he  folds  his  hands  on  the  large  desk,  leaning  forward]  Did  you  really  think  I’d  give  you  exactly  what  you  wanted  to  know?  [His  lips  raise  into  a  half  smile]
Interviewer:  Actually,  I’d  be  sorely  disappointed  if  you  did.  Your  reputation  proceeds  you.  Everyone  knows  you  have  a  love/hate  relationship  with  the  media.  We’re  a  necessity  when  it  suits  you.  The  same  can  be  said  of  your  hook-ups,  yes?
Grayson:  [His  smile  never  wavers]  When  you  run  an  empire  there’s  only  so  much  time  left  in  the  day  for  other  activities.  I  didn’t  realise  it  was  a  crime  that  women  willingly  fall  in  my  bed.
Interviewer:  But  not  anymore?
Grayson:  Are  you  trying  to  catch  me  out?  Get  me  to  say  something  I’ll  later  regret?  [He  tuts]  I’m  not  a  sucker,  darling.  You’ll  have  to  try  harder  than  that.
Interviewer:  Are  you  a  man  capable  of  love?
Grayson:  [He  ponders  yet  a  smirk  never  leaves  his  face]  Yes,  but  what  you  really  mean  to  ask  is  am  I  a  gentleman? 
Interviewer:  [Without  meaning,  I  lean  forward,  eager]  Are  you?
Grayson:  For  that  you’ll  have  to  wait  and  see. 
The  interview  is  cut  short  when  his  secretary  interjects,  his  presence  is  demanded  at  another  meeting.  I  say  my  goodbyes,  and  walk  away,  feeling  more  dazzled  than  I  want  to  admit.  Even  when  arrogant,  Grayson  Rush  is  a  swoonworthy  specimen  of  a  man.  
©Copyright. Justine Winter. 2015.

 This is the first book I read by Justine Winter and I have to say that I'm a fan.
Grayson Rush and his witty, sexy and wicked personality won me over.
I always enjoy a manwhore story and Grayson didn't disappoint, but every manwhore needs to have a strong female lead and Maya definitely gave Mr. Rush a run for his millions. I adored Maya, she didn't make it easy for Grayson, showing him that she was different form the pliant girls he was used to handling.
The story has a great flow and it is one of those that the reader will devour in one seating, keeping us entertained and guessing what will happen next. While the story has its funny and airy parts there is also the angst, AKA Justine, that comes to hunt Grayson from his past. She spiced things up for the main characters and not in a good way. 
One more thing I enjoyed about this book was the change that occurred in Grayson, the fact that it was over the course of the story and not overnight added another positive note to it. Worth mentioning are the fantastic secondary characters that were thrown in the mix, adding a fun note to this already vivid tale.
If you're looking for a swoon worthy, sensual male lead with a strong counterpart, this is definitely the story you've been waiting for. 
Grab some wine, get comfy on your favorite chair and let Mr. Rush do the talking.

I push her into the elevator, insert my key, and press the button for penthouse. I trap her in the corner, my impressive frame squashes her against the walls. “Yes, sunshine. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Electricity crackles between us, conducting heat inside the steel box. Sparks fly, ricocheting around us as our passion sizzles - and I haven’t even touched her yet. It’s all in her eyes.

Heat. Intensity. Excitement. Anticipation.

She’s pulling on my neck before I have time to initiate, crushing my lips with a delectable force. I taste whiskey as her tongue finds mine; she’s burning my chest with her fiery cocktail.

And still I want more. Her kisses are oxygen I’ve come to depend upon. Every last one matters.

She’s arching into me; I can feel the hardened points of her nipples rubbing against my t-shirt, and it’s like crack to my cock. One more lethal injection of her wildness, and I’ll succumb to her entirely. There’ll be nothing left of Grayson  Rush.  

I will become hers. The intelligent mind locked within my skull will disintegrate. I am encompassed by her possession.

Her willing slave.

She’s changing me with each caress, ruining my chances at wanting anyone else. This is her wily magic, casting me under a sappy spell. I’m barely recognising myself in this steel trap. She’s got me hooked.

When the doors ping open a rush of air clears the haze, reminding me that I’m the one in charge. I carry the balls.

Oh, Christ. Please let me be the one with the balls. Don’t let this be one terrible transvestite misfortune. I’m not anti-tranny, I’m just not one to swing with titties and testes at the same time.  

Call me old fashioned, but I like pussy.
Grayson Rush
Robbie Amell or Ryan Guzman?
Who would you pick?
Maya Kennedy
Sophia Bush, Emma Stone or Ashley Greene?
Who would you pick?
Grant Gustin or Steven R McQueen?
Who would you pick?
Clara Rush
Jennifer Aniston or Kate Winslet?
Who would you pick?
Layla Rush
Nina Dobrev
Would you pick someone else?
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
Would you pick someone else?
Hayden Panettiere
Would you pick someone else?
  I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet. I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

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