Monday, October 12, 2015

Blog Tour: Blow by Ana Layne

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Title: Blow
Author: Ana Layne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Release Date: September 8

~ ~ ~ ~ Synopsis ~ ~ ~ ~
Ruston McGregor is Tamilyn Hudson’s best kept dirty secret… 

Being best friends since birth, they do everything together and their bond is strong. Nothing can keep them apart, until Ruston’s cousin Austin moves to town. 

Austin Moran is the bad boy every girl dreams about, but he’s not one to settle down… 

He moves to Houston to start a new phase of his life, hoping the move will be the fresh start he needs to help keep him on the straight and narrow. Deciding to join Lou’s Gym, he figures fighting legally will keep him out of trouble. With persuasion, he convinces Ruston to join him. 

Ruston can have any girl he wants… 

But when the one he wants begins to cozy up to his cousin, it tears him apart. He’s waited so long to tell her, and now it’s too late…or is it? 

One drunken night he finds he can’t hold back his feelings any longer. So he lays it all out on the line, and finally, he gets what he wants. However, when Tamilyn still insists on being with Austin, he becomes more determined than ever. 

But attraction is like a drug. 

They can’t stop their hidden passion for one another, and when secrets are revealed, the outcome changes both of their lives forever… 

One. Final. BLOW.

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~ ~ ~ ~ Author Bio  ~ ~ ~ ~
Ana Layne was born and raised in south Louisiana where she still resides with her family.
She owns more books than she will probably ever read, but can't resist a good story. 
When she's not reading or writing she loves to relax and enjoy life.
~ ~ ~ ~ Author Contact Info ~ ~ ~ ~
Twitter  or @analaynewrites

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