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Blog Tour: Macyn's Awakening by S.L. Stacker

Macyn’s Awakening
Macyn McIntyre # 2
Genre-  Romantic Suspense
By- S.L. Stacker

Macyn McIntyre’s search for Richard Jacobs and those involved in her abduction reveals much of her adult life isn’t as she was led to believe. With help from her past and present, she uncovers secrets about those close to her—secrets that may result in certain death for those involved.
New partnerships are forged as others end. Enemies become allies, and friends become enemies. The web of lies carefully constructed by others begins to unravel, allowing Macyn to close in on Jacobs. The deeper she dives into the past, the more she finds herself questioning her actions. Is she doing the right thing? Should she forget about this crazed man and concentrate on her new life with Devon? Death, a marriage proposal, and a phone call will make the decision for her.

Macyn’s Awakening proves life, happiness, and love are worth fighting for.


While Devon filled the tank, she decided to go inside to buy drinks and snacks. After making her selections, she waited in line to pay for her items. While standing there, she overheard two men discussing how the area had seen a spike in out-of-town folks the last couple of days, and this piqued her interest. She moved closer so she could hear their conversation better.

“There’s been a lot of fancy cars over in Blackwood this week. I ain’t saw that many in one place except for at a car lot,” the first man, an older gentleman who appeared to be in his sixties, said.

“Me an’ my wife was wonderin’ what the heck was goin’ on too. Luther, down the road, said they’d been goin’ by his house and takin’ one of them dirt roads just past him that goes up to the old tipple. Said there’s been a lot go in, but none’ve come out,” the second, younger man confided.

“You know how them out-of-town yippees are. They’re probly up there smokin’ some wacky weed and pretendin’ they’re campin’.”

“Yeah, you’re probly right.”

After that, the older man made his purchase and said his good-bye, ending the conversation. Macyn was puzzled as to why she was drawn to this particular conversation. It could be because the men thought it was unusual, or it could be because she didn’t think it was a coincidence that this gathering was taking place and Jacobs happened to be in the same town at the time it was happening. She would have to mention it to Devon.  

About the Author-
S.L. Stacker is a romantic suspense author and novelist with Booktrope publishing. She has written and published three books in the Macyn McIntyre series. Her current projects include several fiction novels, but her focus is the Sisters of Summit Bay series—to be published in 2015/2016. When she isn’t throwing her readers for a loop and leaving them wanting more, she can be found relaxing and hanging with her husband, children, and dog. You can visit her at
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