Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Katheryn Kiden $.99 Sale Blitz

All of Katheryn Kiden Books are on SALE for only $.99!!
Two Weeks Limited Sale

Where Words Fail 
(Save Me Series Book 1)
★ Synopsis ★
 Abby Irons has it all together.She has a life everyone envies. She’s the front man for the band Thirty Ought Six and co-owns Ironsound Records with her twin brother Alex. A girl with the world at her feet so young must be happy
Except everything is tainted by a past that won't stop coming up. A present that is falling apart everywhere but onstage, and a future that shes not so sure about.
Deceased parents, a sick brother, a six year old niece with no mother and a band and business to keep going when everything is falling apart.
When her lead guitarist Derek admits himself into rehab for a drug problem will his replacement cause more problems than he fixes?
Jameson Williams lost the love of his life because of an addict father. Now he won't keep a woman around for more than a night and hasn't had much of a life since he got out of the Marines. His older brother pushes him to audition for a temporary guitar position for a major band and make something out of himself. When he gets it hes more than excited...Until he reaches the tour bus and meets the band.
Will his past bite him and ruin any chance of a future?
Money,fame,love and life are all up in the air.

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Freeing Tuesday
(Save Me Series Book 2)
★ Synopsis ★
 Tuesday Weston has been running from everything and everyone for as long as she can remember. Not letting anyone in for fear of putting them in danger.
How long can you run from your past until the secrets pile up so high the world you've created comes crumbling down?
Evan Williams has a well known reputation. Forget flavor of the week, he prefers flavor of the moment. When he meets a girl that threatens to change his lifestyle, he can’t help but run through as many women as he can to get her out of his head.
Unfortunately for him, that kind of thing never goes as planned.
When Evan forces Tuesday to see what is right in front of her, will she run and hide or stand and fight?

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 Hate Me Today
 (Save Me Series Book 3)
★ Synopsis ★
 I hate her but I’d rather make her life a living hell than not play for a crowd anymore.
Hate is a four letter word.
So is life.
So is love.
Each one requires passion to make it worth it.
Jason Jackson has lived his whole life fueled with hate. Hate for himself. Hate for his family. Hate for the one person he despises but is stuck on tour with. All he wants to do is rock the crowd and keep his head down, but it seems like every time he turns around, she’s doing something else to piss him off.
What happens when everything he thought he knew turns out to be wrong?
For the first time in my entire life, I’m taking control and not even Jason can get in my way.
Vanessa Knox knows all about life being too short. She refuses to let anyone stand in the way of what she wants. That is, until what she wants is something she knows she shouldn't have. It could break her worse than being sick ever had a chance to. Nothing she ever does seems to be right. However, that doesn't stop her from doing it. Sometimes the best things are the one you thought would be the worst.
Hate leaves you wondering why, love leaves you wanting more and life leaves you waiting.

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 (Save Me Series Book 4)
★ Synopsis ★
 The entire crew is back home for the holidays.
The holiday season is never slow and easy for anyone, but with this group, it's out of control. With life always on fast forward sometimes you don’t realize what you’re missing until it’s no longer there.
Life isn't static; it's always changing, always evolving. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but one thing you can always count on is everything isn't always how it seems.
This is not a full length novel.
Intended for people ages 18 and over due to sexual situations and content.

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(Sinners & Saints Book 1)
★ Synopsis ★
 There are preconceived notions about everything in life. A woman who lives on the streets and wears short skirts in public must be a sinner. A woman who attends church every week must be a saint. However, everything is not always as it seems. In fact, it rarely is.
Police chief’s daughter, Danielle Beckett, grew up knowing two things. One: anything worth having was worth hiding from her father, and two: she wanted to be the best at what she did. Her business, Sinners & Saints Modeling Agency, does well for itself but what happens behind the scenes does better. As an exclusive high priced call girl she has everything she wants while keeping everyone in the dark.
Life is great until her employees start being picked off one by one. Danielle starts missing days and everything falls apart. As her life unravels around her, she is forced to not only choose between her safety and her business, but between her business and the one thing she never saw herself wanting.
How can she keep her business and herself alive, when she knows one story, but the police know another?

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 (Sinners & Saints Book 2) 
★ Synopsis ★
 One choice — just one second, one simple decision — can change everything. Nobody knows that better than Harper Blake and Cooper Hayes
Harper spent her entire life trying to live up to her parent’s impossibly high standards. After her choice to take off for the summer becomes the worst decision she thought she could ever make, it turns out the repercussions just might be worse. Now she’s constantly watching over her shoulder, waiting for the next shoe to drop and her last breath to come.
Cooper thought he finally had his life figured out again after devastation tipped his world upside down — he was wrong. After a divorce and a move to Baltimore, one case leaves him questioning everything he’s ever known. With his life pointed in a new direction yet again, he thinks he’s ready for whatever life throws his way. Except her. He never expected his new path to put him right back in the middle of what he walked away from.
Neither one is prepared for what happens after their relationship goes from strictly professional to extremely personal.
She isn’t afraid to love; she’s afraid she won’t live long enough to see it happen. He’s more scared to put his heart out there than to lay his life on the line.
Can she be his heart if he is her armor?

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