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Blog Tour #review #giveaway: Rory by Irish Winters

About the Book
RORY (In The Company of Snipers, #6) By: Irish Winters Pages: 304 Published: February 9, 2015 Publisher: Windy Day Press
Agent Rory Dennison is every woman’s dream. Tall, dark and Hollywood handsome, the ex-Marine scout sniper maintains a private life none of his teammates suspect. The TEAM is just a job. He intends to keep it that way—until assassins murder the father of the tiny Tibetan girl in his charge.

Rory finds himself pulled into a world of mystery and intrigue when he and his companion agent, Ember Davis, are forced to flee with Nima Dawa. Too late he discovers Nima is not only destined to become the next Dalai Lama, but she has an unearthly gift of sight.

She can see right through him. And she does.

His carefully guarded private life is suddenly at risk. He doesn't know what to trust or who to believe. The world is too full of shadows.

He isn't the only one with secrets.... 

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 This is book 6 in the series and it's about our darling Rory, his co worker Ember, and a precious 4 year old little girl that they are going to protect against all odds.
Rory is a tender man, a very private person that doesn't allow women to get close to him and his precious secret that only a few people know about. He does what he has to do at work and avoids intimate relationships as much as possible. But this time there will be no way to avoid the most intimate situation he has ever been in.
Ember  is your techie guru/goth/hot chick who doesn't believe in love and feels that she will just go through life tinkering with her computers, gossiping with mother, and avoiding agent Rory as much as possible. Until a routine security deal turns her easy peasy life on its heels and puts her in direct line of fire from not only gun toting wackos but Agent Rory himself.
From the time these two are thrown together until the end of the book, the emotional tug between these two people is slowly brought out in one of the sweetest romances I have read about in a long time. They both have feelings for one another but after years of hurt and pain from one significant other, they don't want any emotion to enter into their personal lives.
The areas where they were protecting this precious tiny girl from a security detail broke my heart at times, for I can only imagine what must've been in her mind with all the commotion around her. And to top it all off, to be placed in the situations she finds herself in, made me yell out OMG Ember, save her save her!
The most surprising part of this story for me was the lack of what most writers find themselves over indulging in a book sometimes, the steamy sex scenes. Now don't get me wrong, there are some intimate times but not to the point where it drags out and makes you think the only thing connecting the two characters is sex. In this book the intimate times are tastefully written, the explicit sex scenes were not needed to showcase the romance and the need these two people had for each other.
As always the writing is flawless and the storyline will keep the reader's interest from beginning to end.
 I really enjoyed this book and I would say it is my favorite in the series so far, and you get some personal info in snippets from,out alphalicious ALEX.
Thank you so much Irish for the opportunity of reading and reviewing Rory.
* Review by Tammy *
Meet the Author
Irish Winters is an award-winning author who dabbles in poetry, grandchildren, and rarely (as in extremely rarely) the kitchen. More prone to be outdoors than in, she grew up the quintessential tomboy on a farm in rural Wisconsin, spent her teenage years in the Pacific Northwest, but calls the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah home. For now. The wife of one handsome husband and the mother of three perfect sons, Irish divides her time between writing at home and travelling the country with her man while - writing. (Seriously, what else?) She believes in making every day count for something and follows the wise admonition of her mother to, "Look out the window and see something!" To learn more about Irish and her books, please visit
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