Tuesday, November 5, 2019

#ReleaseBlitz #Review: Loving Miss Sassy by A.M. Madden and Joanne Schwehm

Loving Miss Sassy by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm is LIVE!! #OneClick today!

 I am sure of four things:   I’m the most sought-after social influencer. I’m prepared to kick ass and take names. I’m going to conquer the Big Apple. I wasn’t prepared to have an unexpected roommate who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.   Being the younger sister of two overprotective brothers taught me to be tenacious. Granted, that didn’t fare well when I mistook my roomie for an intruder. Fine, maybe a right hook wasn’t the most ladylike greeting, but his black eye only lasted a week. How was I supposed to know said intruder was also my advertising adversary?   The answer: I didn’t.   And having a single wall separating our bedrooms only adds more angst to my list. I’m sure I’ll never get a good night’s rest wondering if he sleeps commando . . . if those are moans I hear or snores . . . if he imagines me in his bed as I imagine him in mine.   The list goes on and on.   The most shocking thing I wasn’t prepared for was how he managed to capture my heart . . . right before he shattered it.   He called me Miss Sassy, and I proved him right.    

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 Madden and Schwehm, the hotness was strong with this one!

Gianna Benedetto, AKA Ms. Sassy, is an independent Italian woman full of pep, sensual energy, and someone who has made a name for herself as a respected business woman, and that's exactly the reason why she's in NYC, to acquire a new business account. Colton Teller is the "MAN" when it comes to advertising, he's handsome, intelligent, and somewhat of a know it all. When Colton gets an offer to go to New York to be in charge of a new account for a big company, he doesn't hesitate to get in a plane and go. The thing that no one told Gianna or Colton is that they were both competing for the same account. Could two people that are not only adversaries but are in different sides of the spectrum cave to their physical attraction for each other?

A.M. and Joanne have written a Romcom that it was a delight to read. The banter between Gianna and Colton was funny and sexy at the same time, their chemistry, oh baby, where's that fire hose, out of this world. I loved Gianna's strong will, her beautiful spirit that came out in everything she did, and the way she confronted her brothers about their overprotectiveness, this girl did not let anyone run her over. I admired Colton's drive when it came to his job and liked his cockiness a bit too much ;-). Don't miss cameos from characters from previous books.

Like in the other books in this highly recommended series, the writing is flawless and you really don't know who wrote what, which is sometimes hard to achieve when it comes to collaborating with another author. Funny, sexy, and with a lot of heart, pick up this Sassy story when it comes out November 5th, you won't regret it!


Joanne Schwehm and A.M. Madden have once again teamed up writing a sexy standalone romance. They strive to bring you heartfelt romances that you can lose yourself in. Once their lives connected, they decided they must have been separated at birth. Their love for all things romance and bad reality television, made them realize they share the same brain. Combine that with their Italian upbringing and they are a perfect match. Together, they have achieved bestselling status as well as having two award-winning books in their contemporary series, The Mr. Wrong Series. You can contact them at madjo.romance@gmail.com    


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