Monday, August 15, 2016

Spotlight #review: The Letter: Dear Michael by Theresa Sederholt



He thought his life was perfect. He was ready to take the next step: get married and eventually start a family. Then, a “Dear John” letter and the unearthing of a deeply buried secret turn his dream into a nightmare.

A product of rape.
A family with hidden enemies.
A bank account with more zeros than can be deemed natural.

Michael’s hope of a life without limitations seems too far out of reach to ever be truly realized. The pressure of family, safety, and secrets is overwhelming. Everyone turns to him, but who can he turn to?

“When you step outside the box, you never know who might want to dance with you.”

Dagen is a type-A personality who doesn’t let her own insecurities allow others to pull the wool over her eyes. However, they have boxed her in, limiting her life experiences.
That is, until Michael comes along and tries to convince her to step out of her comfort zone. It’s then that he realizes they have that in common; he needs to step out too.

They both learn that when two hearts are searching for each other, nothing and no one can stand in the way. That is until Michael's life hangs in the balance.

A face from Michael's past might hold the key to his future.
But what kind of hoops have to be jumped through to get that key?

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In life there's always a reason why things happen the way they do. Changes sometimes come unexpected and they take us through roads we didn't even know existed, most times leading us towards bigger and better things.
This exactly what happened to Michael.
After being blindsided by the woman he thought loved him unconditionally and only a few days away from his wedding, Michael gets a letter from his fiance telling him that it was over, that she couldn't marry him.
Looking for the why, Michael flies immediately to see her and it's there where he finds out things from his past he was completely oblivious to.
But instead of letting his past beat him down, he decides on a new life, away from his family for the first time, in search not only of himself but his independence.
Dagen is a beautiful girl, with a thriving business and a caring family, but as most girls she's full of insecurities that at times, dim her light which should be shinning brightly.
Michael and Dagen's journey is one of self discovery, of self acceptance. They feed of each other, they lift each other, and through a beautiful friendship an epic love story is born.
I loved Michael's spirit and his quest for independence, although he could've given up and kept depending on his family, he went out there, took life by the horns and started writing his own destiny. He didn't let anything or anyone stand on the way of his goals. When it came to Dagen and the way he helped her overcome her self-doubt, he showed his true colors, what true heroes are all about.
The author did a beautiful job telling the story, it has an easy flow to it, that allows the reader to get immersed into this heartwarming tale.

About the Author

 Theresa Sederholt was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She is a graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Theresa now calls North Carolina home, with her husband, a professional chef, and her two dogs.
Experiencing life first hand is what she does best. Believing she can do anything has put her in many crazy situations. Whether it’s babysitting a pig farm or cutting the top off of a mini truck; nothing is ever out of reach. Her list is endless, A to Z.
As a flight attendant (there’s that list again), she would make up stories about all of her passengers as they came and went. It seemed only natural to put pen to paper and see where these characters led her. What started out as a single woman, having a cup of coffee—trying to make it through life—grew into a complex story of romance, mystery, and murder. The Unraveled Trilogy was born.
Theresa’s beliefs are pretty simple. There isn’t a luggage rack on the hearse, and give a girl Nutella and espresso and she can change the world.

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